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Thread: Skin is white around foot sore - is that okay?

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    Skin is white around foot sore - is that okay?

    I injured my toe. Took a big chunk of skin off it. It got infected and so I went to my doctor yesterday. She didn't think it looked too serious. She gave me some Bacitracin and said to call if it didn't look better in a week.

    She put the bacitracin on it yesterday in her office, and when I changed the
    bandaide this morning, I noticed that my skin was pastey white around the sore. Is that good or bad? Before yesterday, it was always pink around the sore. I'm guessing that white is better than pink???

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    Does it look anything like this?

    This is called maceration. It is from the normal skin around the wound being kept too moist, either from wound drainage or from liquids used for wound care. If you are using a dressing on the wound, be sure the gauze is only over the opening itself, not on the normal skin. If necessary, protect the normal skin with Vaseline or A&D oinment, or a skin protectant like 3M No-Sting Protective Skin Barrier.

    Bandaids often make this worse, as they keep the skin from under the adhesive from breathing. Change to regular gauze or vaseline gauze (better) and use either paper tape or roller gauze to hold the dressing in place.


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    Yes, that is what it looks like, only not quite that bad.

    Thank you.

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