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Thread: Looking for a simple foldable shower/commode chair

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    Looking for a simple foldable shower/commode chair

    I usually take a lumex raised toilet seat with me if I travell for just a day or two, but it doesn't solve the shower issue. I have to Dig Stim or I will have accidents, and I dig from the side. I just can't get it from the front. LOL The Lumex is GREAT to just throw on a toilet and it fits in my bag but I can't get a shower unless I take a seperate bench or shower chair.

    Does anyone have an Activeaid Tubby II or Activaid Raised toilet seat? Both are pictured here. I like the idea of the raised toilet seat and just being able to transfer onto it for my bowel program, then throwing it into a shower (roll in or not) and transferring on to it for my shower. Does it fold at all? Is it hard to assemble? I'm a T-2 so my hand function is fine. I also need a couple of inches clearance between the bottom of the seat and the top of the toilet so I can slide my hands in there.

    Does anybody have either of these and would you recommend buying one?


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    I have the same problem with the toilet it needs to be alittle up from the seat. But I have a camode that you slide over the toilet it has ajustable length. We have a place where I live called access for independence and they loan equipment for how ever long its needed. Also there is hospice, I recieved a shower chair from them. If you look around and just type what you are looking for in a search sometimes its that easy to find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herco16
    I can't get a shower unless I take a seperate bench or shower chair.
    Ive been thinking (amazing), why not some small cheap folding lawn chair for the shower? Should be easy enough to haul around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herco16

    Does anyone have an Activeaid Tubby II or Activaid Raised toilet seat? Both are pictured here.
    Active Tubby II looks like it would be compact for travel and is a decent price. You would be stable in the shower since it has a back, but not sure it would fit over a toilet because it looks boxy underneath.

    Activeaid Raised Toilet Seat looks like it would of course fit over a toilet, but would it give you enough support in the shower with no back on it?
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    I know some people who have used the Tubby II and like it, although it does not have an option for use with roll-in showers so a lot of higher injury folks don't find it really functional. If you can afford it, makes some really nice commodes/shower chairs that work very well for travel and regular home use. We use them a lot.

    The ActiveAid raised toilet seat is pretty new. We have not had a chance to try one yet. You could contact ActiveAid directly to see how easy it is to fold for travel.


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    Walkingstrong, I am a lazy para ;-) and already use a roll in shower at home. I need something that would be a little easier to travel with independantly.

    Andy, I've often thought the same thing. Maybe I'll try to rig something, but then with my luck, I'll end up on the floor of a red roof inn!!!

    November, The Tubby II does look like it would fit the bill. The only thing I'm worried about is its height above the porcelian rim. Most commodes in hotels are really high, so I would'nt have a lot of room for the Dig Stim. (I think the raised toilet seat is about an inch higher) It would be more difficult to use the raised seat in the shower, but if you sat on it so your back was against the wall, it could work. (WHY DON"T THEY JUST PUT A BACK ON THAT THING???)

    KLD, Nuprodux does make some nice equipment, but OUCH, their prices are high. I'd even like something a little more compact.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Keep looking on eBay. I have seen a couple of Nuprodx chairs there over the last year, and we bought our travel shower/commode there (the one they used to sell at Rolli-Moden) which had been used once, and we got fo about 1/3 the list price.


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    Thanks KLD. Actually that 3000 model would be perfect......except for the price.....


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