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Thread: Methadone side effecs

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    this organization really should separate the drug maintenance and detox deaths from the pain management deaths.
    one reason methadone is prescribed is the insurance companies want methadone since it is much cheaper than Oxycontin.
    cauda equina

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    Lou Dobbs of CNN has a series running each night this week during his program re: addiction to opiates/benzos and related problems.

    As he reported last night, 20,000 people die each year ODing from rx meds. Not sure how much was/is diverted in those stats and how much was/is through misuse/abuse of prescription for the person who ODs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metronycguy
    this organization really should separate the drug maintenance and detox deaths from the pain management deaths.
    I agree absolutely. They want to eliminate take-home doses. That would mean that the medication would be completely impractical for pain control - no-one is going to the clinic three times a day for their dose for pain relief. I agree that when it is prescribed for reasons related to drug abuse, then very tight control should be maintained on its usage, as irresponsible drug use has already been documented in those cases.
    Quote Originally Posted by metronycguy
    one reason methadone is prescribed is the insurance companies want methadone since it is much cheaper than Oxycontin.
    My wife used oxycontin, then fentanyl for quite a while; we have found methadone (aside from being MUCH cheaper) to be more effective for pain relief, and to have significantly fewer side effects for her, than either. It's probably different for everyone.
    - Richard

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    a pain doc informed me that methadone since it is cheaper, is the default med by by some insurance companies. Here we have insurance companies dictating that patient should be exposed to a complicated med that can be deadly when mixed with other meds. This causes a double whammy, the drugstores don't like to mess with the lower profit margin schedule II narcotics, since the paperwork is the same for the ones where they make the big profit.
    i agree this org wants methadone to be dispensed at clinics only. There is a big difference between addicts looking to get high and pain patients. addict are always going to try and get high, by selling or swapping.
    i agree methadone patients need to be schooled in the dangers, its half life is so long that it is easy to over dose by taking other meds two weeks later.
    i had the feeling that the organization was a shill for the safety pill dispenser too.
    cauda equina

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    Methadone Abuser in my family

    My quadriplegic brother was put on Methadone to help him off oxycontin for pain relief for lower back surgeries. This drug, the "BIG M", I call it, has dominated and ruled my brother's life, both pre and post SCI.

    Right, a drug user already, he ABUSED the prescribed drug, often not taking it as prescribed and "holding off" in order to take several pills at once for a prescribed "high". These highs would leave him drooling, sitting naked on a commode where he'd went to have a bowel movement with his head between his knees for hours. When he came down off the high, he'd be mean as Hell and nobody would want to be around him.

    He enjoyed the benefits of his methadone one year post SCI until he got his neuro doctor to put morphine in his baclofen pump. Unbeknownst to him, his methadone would have to be DC'd beause too many narcotics would be flowing through his body and become a threat to his health. When the meth was stopped, he was VERY angry, beligerant, hard to get along with, name a few. He now strives on a daily basis to "get his meth back", even to the point of telling his neuro doctor to stop the morphine so he can have it back. It rules him, not he it and it makes me almost sick to watch him struggle to get it back for himself. He will do anything, say anything, tell any kind of lie, ANYTHING to get meth back. He even accuses ME, his sister and one who has stood by him through his SCI and took care of him, of being the cause that his meth was taken from him (a prized possession). The addiction makes me sick and I would recommend that people never get on it if they can help it.

    Drug users and abusers will misuse it, definitely, you can bet on it. It is a menace and addictive and produces a hellacious effect on it user, who will swap, trade and sell it for other drugs. I can promise you that.

    As you can tell, I'm totally against meth, because I have watched it destroy my brother, along with his other drug usages. Now he's in a body that won't move, which compounds everything else, but allows me to see him as he truly is, which is not a pretty sight.

    Just input on my part on the methadone issue. Guess you can tell I hate the drug. Sorry I'm so blunt, but it hurts.

    Sis to Quad on Meth

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    Wow, you do have a difficult situtation. Just a short comment or two. First of all, opiates are notoriously ineffective at helping neuropathic pain. That said, methodone does appear to act on different receptors and sometimes does have more of a beneficial effect than other narcotics. Still, with your situation you have a real challenge. I believe you need one doctor in charge of all the pain meds and odds are very good that a GP is not experienced enough in SCI pain to be up to the challenge.

    A seperate note. Methadone carries hazards that the prescribing doctor needs to be very familiar with before managing a patient using this as a long-term strategy. It remains in the body longer than it is effective for pain, so overdosing is a big concern. I understand it can be managed, but I sure wouldn't try using it (if you stick with this med at all) unless you have a doc who's very skilled.

    I read your other post; how much Neurontin is he using? It often takes a larger dose to be effective for pain than when it's used for other conditions. Also, a number of people report that the name-brand version is much more effective. It's common for this to be combined with an anti-depressant such as Elavil. With neuropathic pain anti-depressants are directly effective for pain in addition to helping with depression that often accompanies chronic pain.

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    Vickie, I'm sorry for your situation and hope you can get some help soon. Maybe the pain specialist option mentioned previously?

    Quote Originally Posted by David Berg
    ... opiates are notoriously ineffective at helping neuropathic pain.
    Why are they pushed on us as if they are, then?
    Quote Originally Posted by David Berg
    With neuropathic pain anti-depressants are directly effective for pain in addition to helping with depression that often accompanies chronic pain.
    Lots of docs say that, but I'd like to see a true show of hands of those who have benefited from this off-label use of these drugs. I've tried several with only ill results; debilitating migraines, "zinging", "bad acid trips", etc. etc. that lasted for weeks and months at a time, and suicide.

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    Sorry about your brother, Vickie, but the problem isn't Methadone. The problem is your brother. Take away Methadone and insert any other available opiate/benzo,whatever gets his ya-ya's off here.

    Addiction is not about the drug, but is about the addict. For the addict it's about the drug, getting ands using and finding ways and means to get more, but ultimately it's never about a specific drug.

    As for the original poster, yes, people at clinics often use other substances and drive away high. However, the problem isn't the Methadone. The problem is driving while high, while under the influence.

    Again, blaming addiction on the Methadoine is like blaming a house fire on matches. Used appropriately the matches can be good, can start barbecue grills and fires in fireplaces and woodstoves and camp fires. When used to intentionally or unintentionally start a house fire, the matches become part of a bad situation. The matches aren't to blame. The person using the matrches carries the burden of responsibility, for action and consequence.

    Remove the emotion from Methadone (and other legal substances) and the arguments change. Too many use deaths and ODs as hype against Methadone, IMO. Yes, the deaths are terrible, but the responsibility is with the person using the Methadone, not with the Methadone itself.

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    methadone is synthetic heroin, plain and addicts and kills too many, just as heroin does

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