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Thread: Chair ordering

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    Chair ordering

    I want to order a new chair which I will be paying for? My question is, should I go through my dme or order through Sportaid? The dme says, "Yeah, you're going to pay more through me but, I will be able to service your chair and Sportaid won't." For the 2 to 3 thousand dollars I'll save, how much service could there be? The chair I have now is 1 1/2 yrs. old and has only needed a couple minor adjustments that any monkey could do. How much assembly is required of a chair bought through Sportaid?

    I want to get an Invacare Titanium Crossfire, but if I go through the dme I may have to settle for the A-4 Titanium, without the Spinergys or Frog Legs!

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    screw the DME. $2-3k more could buy an *additional* new chair. There's really not much service to do with these chairs once they're set up correctly. Besides, if you have any questions, you have a bunch of people who actually USE these chairs (or similar ones; they're not all that different) at your fingertips.

    where's payment coming from? insurance? out of pocket?

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    Payment is coming out of pocket

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    Ditto sportaid. There's nothing that could go wrong with that chair that folks on this board can't help you with. Well not anything that you'd live though, anyway

    Screw that DME.
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    As long as you know your exact front and rear seat-to-floor heights, go with the Crossfire Titanium through SportAid. If you have any doubts, consider the TiLite ZRa. If you are thinking 85 or 90 degree front frame, be aware that getting FrogLegs on the Crossfire may make the chair front tippy with a 16 or 17 inch seat depth.

    Both the Crossfire and ZRa come assembled.

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    I went through my local dme, also paid out of pocket. No real benefit, more of a pain in the ass than anything. I had a couple of issues w/ wrong parts, and it not being very well adjusted for me. Between my family, myself, and TiLite's excellent customer service I was able to get my ZRA sorted out and fit properly. All of my dealings w/ Sportaid have been positive as well. I appreciated the fact that Sportaid called to confirm a set of wheels for me and alerted me to the fact that the colors on my wheel & tires clashed, and recommended some alternatives. I think if you are thorough, have someone mechanically oriented people to help you assemble it, and can communicate well on the phone or through email. You should be golden, and what better way to learn the finer points of your new whip
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    My first chair was through sportaid (I did not have a diagnosis so my insurance would not pay for one), and when it came, all I really had to do was put the wheels onto the frame...that was it. I talked to one og the more knowledgeable people to go over the measurements and to make sure I measured correctly (and from the right places!) and when I got the chair, it was what I wanted and it fit perfectly.
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    I think you'll be happy with Sportaid. If you're still concerned about service, warranty, or anything ask them both for five references who paid for their own chairs and who you can talk to. Also ask them both what happens if you order the wrong size chair or the chair needs adjustments.

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    Get the measurements right and the rest is golden.

    Chairs need little attention, and most anyone who knows which end of the wrench fits in their hand can provide same.

    DME service and sales are not linked. How about if you just moved to your area and need service on a chair you already own? Car salesmen use the same line - that you should buy from them to assure good service. Ever see a dealership that turned down service work because a car was purchased elsewhere? It is the manufacturer who must provide and honor the warranty.

    A 2-3 grand ??? difference in price cannot be justified by any rationale other than greed. Run away.

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