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Thread: Looking for Family Members of SCI individuals

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    Looking for Family Members of SCI individuals

    We are looking for spouses, parents or siblings of spinal cord injured individuals to participate in a survey that we are conducting. This information will be used for a thesis that will be used to help and assist other SCI individuals. Please reply to this thread and your help is greatly appreciated.

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    What would you like to know?

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    Whose thesis, yours or another student? What college or university? It's generally not a good idea to post info such as email addresses etc. on the public part of the forum, so it's best to request private contact. You might want to update your profile so it will be easier for people to decide if they want to share info with you.
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    It is a url. I wouldn't ask for an email. I have always gotten spam that way. It is for my mom. She wants to help the families of individuals with SCI. I am going to update my profile, I just wanted to let people know what this is for.

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