I use voice recognition to dial the phone through a simple program. Also, I can dial the operator using the RC200 telephone supplied to me by the California disabled program.
My question is what do I do when I received a recording that only offers options to press buttons and ends without giving me the opportunity to speak to a human being? I cannot press "number one to speak to the doctor" or "number two to speak to a nurse" etc.
This is very frustrating as I have to wait until someone can help me before I can call these numbers .
Can you imagine in the future calling 911?
"If this is a fire, press number one"
"if this is a medical emergency, press number two"
"if this is a burglary, press number three"
"if you would like to hear these options again, press number four"
30 seconds of silence
"if you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again"