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Thread: SCI Family Member Questionnaire

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    SCI Family Member Questionnaire


    I am a student in the Experiential Health & Healing Master’s degree program offered by The Graduate Institute, Milford Connecticut. I am also the mother of a spinal cord injured son who was in a diving accident 8 ½ years ago. I am currently conducting research for my Master’s Thesis and would like to invite you to participate in a study to determine the needs of family members of SCI individuals. The research will show what family members need the most and whether or not these needs are currently being met.

    Participants should be spouses or significant others, parents, children, or siblings of the SCI individual. All participants should play a primary role in the care of the SCI individual or in providing assistance in meeting that individual’s daily needs. If you meet these criteria, I welcome and encourage you to participate. The study that I am conducting involves answering a 56-question survey and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. You will have an opportunity to review the results of the research.

    For your privacy, all information received from you will be kept confidential as to source, and your identity will not be requested. If you have any concerns or questions, I will make every effort to discuss these with you. Simply email me your concerns and I will respond as soon as possible. You may withdraw your consent and discontinue your participation at any time during the questionnaire for any reason.

    By clicking this link, you attest that you have read and understood this form and that your participation is entirely voluntary. Thank you for your time and effort in participating. It is greatly appreciated.

    Bobo & Mom

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    Thank you!!

    My mom and I would like to send a quick thank you to the people who have filled out the questionnaire so far for her thesis. We really appreciate you taking the time to fill this out and allowing her to use this information to better assist families in their time of need.

    Bobo and Mom

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    Done- you are welcome and thank you!
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    This has been great!!! We have recieved a lot of great information and feedback from everyone. We really can't thank you enough.

    Bobo and Mom

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