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Thread: I need a different antidepressant

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    I need a different antidepressant

    I have tried paxil, and several others. I am now been on Effexor 150mgs once a day.

    I need one that gives me energy. I have taken Prozac but don't remember the mgs. I thought Prozac would but like I said I don't remember the mgs.

    I know meds effect everyone differently. Does anyone have ant suggestion?
    I want one that will make me want to get up and go. All I take is
    150mgs Lyrica two times a day
    Baclofen 20mgs four times a day
    Premerin very low once a day
    Loritab as needed

    And I'm not worried about something that may keep me up ay night.
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    I took Celexa for three years, ending this past October-November. It really helped and if anything, I had better sleeping patterns on it while on shift work than I do now.

    I would say it saved my life.
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    Have you tried Provigil? I take 200mgs a day and my EffexorXR 150mgs. Without the Provigil I have no stama, belive me it makes a world of difference. Good luck.

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    I, like Lynnifer was on Celexa...whereas it isn't necesarily an energy pill per-say...I took it when I went to bed and like Lynnifer I slept well when I was taking it...It's recommended to take it at bedtime as it takes a certain ammt of time to actually kick into your system...I DID notice that if I missed it at night(happend on occasion) and I took it the next morning that I'd drag most of the day and get a second wind later on....
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    Your dose of Effexor is relatively low. You can take 225, 300 mg or 450 mg. It gives you energy. In my case, too much energy and I had to drop back down; I'm on 75 mg currently.
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    No I haven't tried Celexa. But if my Medicaire Aetna won't pay for my Effexor I'll have to change. I didn't know the mgs I could take.
    Thanks all.
    I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
    Van Morrison

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    Lexapro is another good one . It gave me alot of energy .
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    I agree with raz,i have been on lexapro now for about four years with no side effects at all from works pretty darn good for me and keeps me out of that really 'dark' icky place?it appears to be a nice even med unlike others i have tried that gave me some rather strange side efects,i really don't have any effects that would even let me know i was taking it,except i am definitely more functional with it vs without it.its worth a shot anyways.good luck,i know what a pain finding the right anti D can be.Marcia

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    Wink It's called "cocaine".....

    All kidding aside, I have yet to try one that doesn't either "Wear me out" or leave me with "Zero" sex drive.

    Maybe part of the problem is that I'm not depressed, just a little pissed off from time to time.

    I have found that the occasional Valium takes care of things.

    Good luck.

    Be big,
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    i thought zoloft worked but they assured me it didnt. welbutrin gave me blurred vision, had allergic reaction to celexa, found out bad for eye pressure when i was on effexor(case w/many apparently) and i have a hx of high eye pressure since long b4 accident and now on lexapro. so far, so good.

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