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Thread: I need a different antidepressant

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    Lexapro 20mg + Valium 10mg X 4 is helping me, after trying a few combinations. The valium is nice in that is seems to have some positive results with the spams as well, it's a bit of a knockout drug though. Doesn't touch the nerve pain obviously.

    Even given that, I'm pretty severely despressed some days. I don't know if any SSRI or the like will make every day good. This is a pretty depressing situation we're all in! Maybe meditation will help, I'm not very good at it but it helps sometimes.

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    If you thought the Zoloft was working, why did they assure you that it didn't? What did your family or friends think? Did they notice an improvement? Just curious as to why they would tell you it wasn't working if you thought it was.

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    they didn't think it was working because i was crying all the time and visibly upset. also upon listening to me speak(i didn't realize it) they thought i didn't sound like i was improving etc. in doc's opinion, i seemed the same 2 or 3months later as i did the 1st day he met me. family and friends didn't notice anything. they didn't even know i was considering medication.

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    Have you considered Tai Chi?

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