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Thread: need new vehicle - want a van ?

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    need new vehicle - want a van ?

    I had a car accident and it's looking like my car will be totaled.

    I'd like to consider looking at vans, would be great if I could find one already tricked out for w/c user.

    can anyone please tell me what I will need/look for? and if there is a network for used vans?

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    You most likely will still have to modify an already modified van for your specific driving and seating needs, but you can find used modified vans on eBay (search under "wheelchair van") and at

    Also, most new modified van dealers also sell used vans, so check with them in your area.


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    I got so lucky with mine. It was in the auto trader magazine and a young friend found it. I almost didn't call on it because it seemed to good to be true. I bought it used, completely modified and low miles. I have friends who are mechanics look it over and proclaim it a good deal. It was a 2001 Windstar with lowered floor, kneeling system and ramp, 6-way powerseat and rear lockdown system with 11,000 miles. I bought it for $11,500. I added a wheelchair lock down and chest strap but that's all.
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    I got mine here:

    Goiod luck,
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