I was wondering whether people might be interested in this

Powered by: 25cc two-stroke engine; 1 HP or 0.8 KW power maximum output at 7500rpm;
Power Train: The Wheel is driven by a series of sprockets & chains which drive the engine (and the wheel) around a fixed axle
Top Speed: 20 mph (32 kph) over flat terrain; normal bicycle brakes are sufficient to stop it
Fuel Used: Standard two-stroke fuel (a mixture of normal gasoline and oil)
Fuel Consumption: Over 100 miles per gallon
Weight: Less than 15 pounds (5 kg); 12 pounds net of additional weight once the original wheel is removed
Noise Levels: Less than 65 dB at a distance of 7.5 m; very quiet operation
Emissions: Extremely low; using the latest technology, it meets EPA and CARB regulations; The Wheel stops when you stop, eliminating idling and emissions caused by idling
Clutch Operation: Automatically engages when engine is running
Starting & Stopping: Single user interface of throttle and starter; User must pedal to start the motor; no idling possible