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Thread: 2nd mother alleges abuse by 7-year-old accused of sexual assault

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    Exclamation 2nd mother alleges abuse by 7-year-old accused of sexual assault

    I was undecided as to whether to post this in the Life Forum or here but if it is the wrong place, please place wherever it should be.

    EL PASO, TX. - Only one day after ABC-7 reported on an alleged sexual assault by a 7-year-old on a 5-year old, another parent says the same boy threatened her daughter.

    Monday night, ABC-7's Christina Boomer brought the story of a the mother of a 5-year-old girl who accused a 7-year-old boy of sexually assaulting her daughter.

    After the story a 2nd mother, who does not want her name or face revealed, tells ABC-7 the same boy allegedly threatened her daughter.

    The woman tells ABC-7 the boy made two advances toward her 8-year-old daughter. She says the boy is the same 7-year-old another mother in the same Northeast housing complex says sexually assaulted her 5-year-old daughter on Saturday.

    This really made me think about the safety of my granddaughter and of other children. It seems so unbelieveable that a child of that age would actually be committing such a crime. It makes me wonder about where children are heading now. It also made me wonder if this little boy might not have also been a victim of child molestation himself. In the news on the night of the first report, the father was also quoted as saying that he was going to take his son for psychological testing. I have heard of cases from people I know that some other child has attempted or actually done something similar to this to them or some one they know.

    I wonder if it is getting worse or just that more people/children are reporting what is happening to the police or public. Anyway, this has made me feel so sad that our children are at such high risk and also that they are in danger of not only adults but also peers of their own age.

    The only good thing I saw in this is the fact that the child/ren did speak up.


    Edited to add:

    The following is the link to the first report about this boy. I can not find the words to express how I felt after reading it.
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    1,396's not new..these things are just reported more frequently and openly now insead of being hush hush like in past generations

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    I am glad that this is no longer kept quiet you know.

    I found out early this morning that the mother of the 5 yr old girl is trying to change the law here in reference to the charges. Apparently, since the boy is under the age of 10, he will not be charged with anything. People are not happy with this idea since they believe that this permits him and others to go scot free.

    Something that also called my attention was that Child Protective Services are also saying that possibly the parents could be investigated for neglecting to supervise the child. Wonder what all is going to happen now.

    Also, we found that in this state, pornography is not censored in the public libraries computers. About a week ago someone called the same station that is reporting this case. The man complained that he was in the library and happened to go get his 4 yr old boy who had walked away a bit. He then said that he saw a man on one of the computers looking at pornography. His son was nearby and he thinks that the little boy might have seen some of what the man was watching. The man was pretty upset about this and talked to the librarian but they told him that they could not stop the other man from watching it there. That there is no law that would prohibit him from doing so in the public library even if children are around.

    There are now more discussions on radio about changes needed to stop this. People are calling in those shows/programs and seem upset to find that this is happening. They want changes also.


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    yup, but they really need to investigate that kid. I bet dollar to a donut he was a victim and is just acting out what was done on him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadis
    yup, but they really need to investigate that kid. I bet dollar to a donut he was a victim and is just acting out what was done on him.
    The thought has crossed my mind, Jadis. I told Nick that either the 7 yr old boy or the 5 yr old girl must have had someone do something to them. Think of how at that age(s), they can know what being sexually assaulted is or how the alleged threat words were used. These children are way too knowing and have somehow dealt with some one who has said, done or something to them.

    It is sad though that at such age they know so much or have somehow met with this kind of trauma. One thing, Nick said that he doubted the boy's words about having heard the threat words in some music. I do believe it is possible though. I have noticed that a lot of music does use a lot of stuff/words that used to be censored before. The language that at times is used is a good way for kids to learn and imitate.

    Having lived in these kind of housing places previously, I saw little kids following the example of the older kids. Then most of the older kids were in gangs and into whatnot. I think there have been little changes there since the police here had already started a unit that keeps their eyes on these places where gangs abound even today. Thank goodness I managed to get out of there many years ago.


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    Hi, Raven,

    After some thought, I decided to put this into the Family Forum because its subject matter should be of interest to families. If you think that it should be elsewhere, because the subject may be too sensitive for some children, please let me know and I can move it to life.


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    Thank you, I have no problem with your decision Dr. Young.


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    I absolutely agree with Jadis. That is learned behavior.

    The library computers I've been to have parental filters on them. I'm amazed that they don't everywhere.

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    Porn on library computers is an issue that was going to be addressed by US federal law based on how the library was funded. Any library using US federal funds would have to have filters, but that was defeated. A porn filter filters out information on breast/prostate/testicular cancer, reproductive organs, and anything that discusses child pornography (even law enforcement sites). Filters are very primitive and are triggered by the use of certain words and do not understand that in certain contexts are not porn. For this reason most libraries have computers for children to use with filters and computers for adults to use without. Some allow library patrons to ask on a case by case basis to have the filter turned off.

    Ashley is a little girl worth knowing about:

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    The threat that came with the action was scary to read, wherever it came from...understanding just the words to a song at seven...imo, highy unlikely. Sadly, more likely learned behavior.
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