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Thread: what do quads do?

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    what do quads do?

    what do quads that drive powerchairs do if their van breaks down on the road and they have to tow your vehicle? how do you get home? would they tow your van with you in it?

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    Last time if hapened to me, I had to take a very expensive accessible cab ride from out of town home. Don't know if that is an option in your area.

    They won't tow your van with you in the vehicle.

    It is a huge pain. All I can say is do not scrimp on vehicle maintenance. Religiously follow the manufacturer's maintenence schedule and get regular check-up's on your adaptive equipment (At least twice/year).

    Come to think of it, two of my four breakdowns were for the EGB II cable breaking. Last time was still under warranty.

    Fingers crossed for all of us that we never have to experience a breakdown again!

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    This has happened to my C3-C4 husband three times. He had to call an accessible transportation service to come and pick him up. We use a service called “Need-A-Lift”. They will come and pick you up in an accessible van. It can take a while, sort of like getting a cab, only lots longer and more expensive. You usually have to guarantee payment on a credit card for an unplanned pick-up. My husband concentrates on getting home, and I worry about towing the van later. Towing the van is the easy part; just call AAA. The hard part is getting home.

    We had a 2001 full size Ford van with 32,000 miles on it that had some sort of mysterious starting problem. After you went someplace and it sat for an hour or so, it wouldn’t restart for like 8 hours. Each time we took it in to the Dealer, but they really couldn’t find anything conclusive. By the time the van got to the Dealer it would start and they couldn’t replicate the problem. They would usually make some sort of repair that set us back $500 or more, then in a few months the problem would reoccur. After my husband got screwed for the third time, we decided to get a new van. We now have a brand new 2006 Ford E250. It sucks to be stranded in a power chair. I have often thought that I should organize some sort of emergency van list for people in the area for such breakdowns. Just driving around my extended neighborhood, I see 3 handicap vans sitting in driveways. We need to form a little call list so that maybe you could quickly find someone to get you home. But until that time comes, we have pulled the page out of the phone book for accessible transportation and keep it in the van.


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    Good point.. Never really thought about it. I guess I'd transfer into a car and my chair would be trailered home. I'd have to then rent a van to be driven around in. I get my controls checked every 6 months and that keeps the warranty intact.

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    Taj, that emergency list is a great idea!

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    It sucks doesn't it. I leave my chair with the van and call someone to pick me up, but I now have to find a different solution. I like that emergency list idea.
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