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Thread: pseudomonas...what to do

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    pseudomonas...what to do

    jim had a long stay at the hospital for a terrible uti. the docs thought maybe his stents were a prime breeding ground for these little buggers to grow. the stents have since been removed...a little over a month, but the infection is still there. he no sooner gets off the anitbiotics and things soon start to take a turn for the worse. jim is taking anything that might help...vitamin c and cranberry extract daily. please any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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    Do you have an appointment for Jim again soon? If not, on Monday, give the MD's clinic a call. I am assuming he is being followed by a urologist due to the stents he had in place. Does he have a fever? Abdominal pain? If this worsens you may want to take him to an urgent care center or emergency room.

    In the meantime, forcing fluids and taking cranberry extract or juice will help. He probably needs to have his urine checked again to see what organism is growing and what antibiotic it is sensitive to.

    Sorry to hear he is going through this. Keep us posted. PLG

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    he just left the hospital last saturday and they checked his urine on that wednesday. no fever and blood pressure is fine but he does have some pain in his lower back. he's in pittsburgh right now and is coming here to his next appt. is here in tampa on the 15th. just before jim left the hospital the urologist checked jim over and said everything looked fine. so u think he should go to the emergency rm. if this pain persists? thanks again!!

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    Yes, if he is still feeling lousy and has back pain ( I am assuming this is new) he should see someone before traveling to Florida. It wouldn't hurt. Keep us posted. PLG

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