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Thread: Letters for Living, Coping, and Advocating Post SCI

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    Letters for Living, Coping, and Advocating Post SCI

    I have made a collection of my letters post-SCI available for download as an e-book. I was injured about two years ago, and I started writing letters/emails/faxes to various individuals and agencies that I've dealt with.

    Some letters are for advocacy, some were born out of frustration, and some are just for fun. All were a way for me to cope with a difficult situation.

    I think it's a great primer for anyone trying to navigate the new world post-SCI, and my greatest hope is that others will be able to utilize these letters as templates for their own dealings. They were all shockingly effective.

    attached is the table of contents so the book can be previewed. please feel free to email me with any and all questions regarding content or situations.

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    I will move this to the exchange forum, which is the only place we allow marketing messages. Thanks for posting this resource. I also put one of your messages in the Books forum.


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