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Thread: I'm Getting Married

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    Talking I'm Getting Married

    Hi All,

    I know I don't know many of you here but I'm so excited I have to tell everyone!

    Last Friday was my 45th birthday and my present from my boyfriend was a diamond ring for my left ring finger. I never thought anyone would want to marry me so I'm so excited. One of my biggest disapointments in life is not being a mom and we even discussed adopting .

    Not to shaby for a one legged old lady para huh

    Not sure if this post is OK but i'm so happy I really don't care



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    Congratulations and a belated Happy Birthday!

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    Congrats! (Severely jealous here!)
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    Wishing you a lifetime of marital bliss! I really hope it's a happy union for both of you. May you have lots of fun together and each other's backs when needed.

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    Congrats! The best of hapiness to you!

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    Yay Leenie!!!

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    Congrats to both of you. anty
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    Thank you all so much.

    I'm so excited I'm acting like a little kid.

    I'm getting married and will be Mrs.

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