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Thread: I'm Getting Married

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    Quote Originally Posted by leenie
    I never thought anyone would want to marry me so I'm so excited.
    I don't wanna harsh your mallow or anything, but I sincerely hope that you are excited about wanting to marry this man, not just excited that any man would want to marry you. I don't know you or your fiance, but I would wager that you're a decent person as deserving of a loving and happy relationship as most people are, disability and age be damned! Don't settle for less than you would want for any hypothetical children you might have.

    Much happiness in your marriage and in your life.


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    wow, thats the spirit!
    Im so jealous

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    Thanks everyone.

    Tiger I'm not settling Bob is the most wonderful man in the world and he even understands me. Being in this thing since I'm 5 has given me some self esteem issues but I assure you I'm not settling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leenie
    I'm not settling Bob is the most wonderful man in the world
    That's good to hear. Good luck with your wedding and your marriage. May they both be enjoyable.


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    Just a tip. Do not ever get married :] The best.
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