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Thread: book: letters for living, coping, and advocating post SCI

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    book: letters for living, coping, and advocating post SCI

    I decided to publish my letters post-SCI as an e-book in hopes that it will provide insight to old and new injured alike, and to provide a reference for advocacy.

    I started writing letters out of sheer frustration and found it very theraputic as well. I often find myself feeling helpless over situations, or unable to move past my anger. The letters helped me get a fair shake.

    More often than not, I was surprised at how effective sending letters was. I was even offered a job with a healthcare provider because I was able to expedite payment from a very ornery insurance provider with a history of stalling.

    But mostly, they just made me feel better to send my gripes to where they belonged.

    Depending on the response, I'd like to add in more letters, emails, and essays that I wrote post-SCI. For now though, enjoy the book!

    Check it out:

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    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.


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