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Thread: catheter & meds ?

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    catheter & meds ?

    I had been using a silicone catheter for over 10 years but the urologist at Craig in Colorado recommended a much softer latex catheter during my annual urology workup. I have used a suprapubic catheter for 25 years now. My family doc prescribes my meds but I travel to Craig annually for a urology workup.

    The tip of the catheter pokes the wall of my bladder because the bladder is very small, and he said the much softer tip of the latex catheter would lessen the irritation.

    After about 3 weeks of using this latex catheter I started to void. (first time in over 20 years) Since I cannot feel myself void I thought at first the tube was leaking so I just changed it. After a week I started to void or leak again.

    I was told that this is normal for some patients so I should go back to the stiff silicone catheters. Problem is, I really LIKED this catheter! The irritation from this tube poking the wall of my bladder affects my penis. (the turtle syndrome and a very sensitive tip) For the first time in 10 yrs or so my penis acted normally and the tip wasn't so sensitive to the touch.

    Is there a solution other than going back to the hard tipped catheter? Would upping my ditropan stop the leaking? I said I could not feel myself void but I can feel my bladder "cramp". I can feel some small pain there when a catheter is not draining well which feels like a cramp.

    I take 5mg of valium twice daily and 5mg of ditripan twice daily.

    C4-C5 incomplete 25+ years post injury

    Thanks in advance

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    Let me contact KLD for this question. Hopefully she will get back to you soon. PLG

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    Rick, sure that the nurse will comment on this but I wanted to tell you that I cath intermittently and had changed from PVC to latex because the PVC hurt. The nurse on this site told me I shouldn't use latex because of possible allergic reactions. I checked with my urologist and he agreed. I'm now trying some silicon catheters but none were as comfortable as the latex.

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    I also generally recommend not using latex catheters due to high risk for development of latex sensitivity and allergy in people with SCI (this is also true for their caregivers). This could be what is irritating your bladder and making you have bladder spasms, resulting in urethral voiding.

    There are several manufacturers of silicone indwelling catheters. Have you tried the Rochester as well as the Bard (Bardex), the Rusch, the Dover or the Sherwood? Each is a little different. Medline also makes one, but I avoid Medline products when possible as I think their quality control is relatively poor.

    At the very least, you should use a coated latex catheter (silicone, Silastic or Teflon) to avoid having direct contact of the latex with the mucosa of your urethra and bladder.


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    I prefer the plain old red rubber caths from Bard. They're just the right amount of stiffness to make the turn through the prostate and sphincter and dont poke even if you're half asleep and jam one in too hard.

    Besides, they can be washed and reused and are WAY less money than the silicone.


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    Thanks for the responses.

    I had been using the all silicone Dover.(blue color)
    The one that I liked but gave me the problems was a silicone coated latex one called Mentor.(brown or skin colored)
    Currently I'm trying an all silicone one made by Porges. (clear or see through)

    According to what you said, I should not have had a reaction to the latex catheter since it was silicone coated. As far as I know I'm not sensitive or allergic to latex. If so, is there anything else that could have cause the voiding?

    You named a lot of brands here.....can you recommend any of those that might have a softer tip and alleviate my irritations\side effects?


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    I forgot......

    The urologist at Craig said they don't recommend the all silicone Dover to patients anymore because of how stiff it is. (and that hard tip)

    That's why I switched to the silicone coated latex one in the first place.


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    Rick, my brother also has a suprapubic catheter, and uses a Bard silastic. The only time he has had any leakage is when he has had a UTI, since it causes bladder spasms. Normally he doesn't have spasms and doesn't need an antispasmotic like ditropan. My point being that maybe you should make sure you aren't developing a UTI. Also I'm wondering if latex is more irritating on mucosa inside our bodies, which would be why you haven't noticed it before? Good luck.

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    Good point on the latex, you just never know I guess.

    Nope, no UTI developing here...I've never had one. Not in 25 years.

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    YOU are a lucky dog RICK C no UTI's i'm heading to the doc right now because of a bad one i just developed, doing my morning cath i plugged it solid with sediment yuck.oh boy pc on the fritz now another UTI

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