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    for walkers

    mbt shoe
    my foot drop/weakness is such that i don't have a solus muscle to push/ toe off.
    to compensate for this and to help with my gait . the Orth doc have now prescribed me rocker bottom shoes along with orthotics with arch/metatarsal padding to control the metatarsal slap. i don't need a AFO as i can clear my toes on my own, i use a ankle brace to keep my ankle from everting.
    i bought a pair of these mbt shoes today, expensive, good awful ugly, but they really seem to help with my gait.. a lot, usually less than a city block i have problems with my gait,hip hiking and now pain aggravated by metatarsal slap.
    they are extremely cushioned too.

    now to find out how to get workers comp to pay for them...they probably cost less than the customs one from a orthotic maker.
    they also come in sandals which i will try next.
    i don't think the sandals will look as huge as the shoes i bought today.
    for others that have gait problems, these may be worthwhile looking into

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    Please excuse my ignorance but what is an AFO, is this something that would fix my rt toes from dragging when i try stepping

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    Air Ohs
    Go into the life section, go to the T-12 thread Bethany posted what AFO's are so I could see

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    An AFO is an ankle foot orthosis, a fancy name for a custom fitted splint that can fit into your shoe and keeps your ankle and foot in good alignment. With any device or shoe you will need to be on the lookout for pressure areas when you wear it. PLG

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