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Thread: Recommendation for Burns

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    Recommendation for Burns

    I have had the worst day!

    This afternoon I was warming a bowl of soup in the microwave. When it finished I put it on a tray I had resting in my lap (been doing this FOR years). As I moved to put the tray on the table the bowl slipped down toward my stomach. Upon hitting my body some of the soup splashed out of the bowl and onto my stomach and netherland region (thankfully missing my "dingus")

    Anyway, I thought I was only going to have a few blisters (2nd degree burns). But it turns out I have a few on my stomach. And many right below the belly button on each side.

    Any suggestions? I put ice on the areas immediately for about 30 minutes. I will do so again later on.


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    Sorry to hear this happened to you! The best compresses are with cool water. Ice to broken skin such as a burn tends to pull it off and actually make it worse. The best thing is to keep it covered until you can be seen by your doctor. Keeping it covered with clean gauze bandages will prevent further bacteria from entering the burn wound. Be careful with these though as they may stick if the burn blisters open.

    My first suggestion is for you to get into see a doctor as soon as possible so they can recommend further wound treatment such as Silvadene ointment and dressing changes at least twice a day to the burn sites. In the meantime, no more ice, just put cool water compresses with gauze or a towel to the sites for at least 20 minutes at a time three to four times a day. Drink lots of fluid also. An antiinflammatory drug like Motrin (Ibuprofen) may also help. Keep us posted. PLG

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