I figured, unfortunatly by best bet is to ask those in the "know" these questions.
I think it was C5 or C6 that was "injured" but I have regained a lot more then many . It was not C1-C2 where I had the actual injury. My left side was non-functional.
I am having so many issues going on now. I am sure some is because of the weather, I don't know how those of you "north" can manage it because it is pretty bad here. I do SO much better in the summer.
Well, I seen the Dr. again today and he wrote in my chart "neuropathy", nerve injury from SCI. He switched me to Lyrica and a few others to try as the Baclofen and Neurontin, screwed with me way too much and I could not function. I have a hard enough time with balance, memory, visual, walking, etc. as it is without that .
He mentioned seeing a pain specialist but knows I am without ins right now.
He is confused with that as SSI sent him information stating I can not work, duh. So have all of my other Drs. Another story.

So, I have the constant burning on both sides now. It feels like bone pain, hot oil then light with a match, ants crawling all over me biting. Weird to describe but I guess more "normal" with SCI ? I get the "shocks" a whole bunch too and I guess you kind of in a strange way, "get use to it". Really, really sucks!! It seems to be getting worse.
Recently though, the "shocks" went to my right also. Out of the blue my arm felt like the bone had been smashed, I was in tears . A few seconds later, it did the same thing. This time I fell backwards it hurt so bad. I was at dh's work and he seen this and was concerned but it did not last very long. Well, it did similar a day or so later in my right leg.
I have had these issues with my left side and when it does this my whole body tends to "jerk". It really is very shocking and hard to deal with because I see me overall as "ok" because I can walk. Probably that is part of my problem.

This is very confusing to me because I "look" AB and am not. I avoid most things that make it too obvious but there I guess is alot more that shows then I want to admit.
I just know this is not something I would wish on my worst enemy then again, maybe if more did they will see the struggles that "we" face and have to deal with on a daily basis.
Any others who can chime in on this and offer any ideas, suggestions, recomendations, or advice?