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Thread: Will the burning stop?

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    Will the burning stop?

    Hello, I'm a newly sci person my accident was dec,6 2006 which left me paralyzed from the waist down. By the fourth week i regained feeling to the knee on my left side. But nothing has returned to the right leg except for this burning or stinging sensation which is quite uncomfortable and I was wondering what is the best thing to make it go away any tips or remidees would be appreiciated.

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    Talk to you doc--some take neurontin/gabepentin for the neuropathic pain. Mine got bad for the few weeks after my injury but slowly got better (less painful). It comes and goes now.

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    Dan is right. Over 60% of people with SCI have long-term neuropathic pain, which is generally below the level of injury in areas where you don't have sensation, and often is described as burning, shooting, electric in nature.

    Talk to your rehab doctor. They should be very familiar with treatment. TENS can be quite helpful for some people, and a trial of this can be done with a knowledgeable PT. Medications used include low-dose tricyclic antidepressants such as Elavil or Tofranil, and the anti-seizure drugs Neuroton (gabapentin) and Lyrica. Rarely is it possible to make the pain go away completely. The goal is to get the pain toned down to a tolerable level. You can also get a lot of good information about this by both posting in and reading previous discussions about this in our Pain forum.


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    Try to be a little patient, your injury is so new. Things were still waking up on me for quite a while at that stage. Try to find a spot between miserable and numb, if you can.

    I'm sorry you got hurt. Welcome to Carecure.

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    I have 3 years as a t7 and the worse pain almost always . i just found lyrica works well except the nerve twich which isnt nice at all I just tryed gabapentin to no luck.

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    also smoking make it hurt way worse

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    It's a huge ripoff.....I thought, as do most people, that being paralysed means you feel nothing below the level of your injury. Wrong!!! When I first had my accident I thought, "Oh well, at least it won't hurt any"...Wrong!! Try to explain to some people how you're paralysed but still have pain below your level of injury...and watch the confusion, followed by disbelief, cross their face...kinda funny

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    Pain is an old friend and Available help since you're in Arkansas

    Yes, the burning pain and I are old friends. I'm a C3-7 incomplete and I know the burning pain well. Lyrica, Ultram, and Baclofen have become very familiar names to me.

    I see you are in Arkansas also.

    If you are not familiar with them, there is a state government agency in Arkansas devoted solely to spinal cord injuries and there are support groups in various locations in the state. or 1-800-459-1517 Little Rock local number 501-296-1787


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    My pain was the burning kind. Every other day just like clockwork. Felt like acid in my legs. Then one day...poof it was gone. I am so thankful. Still remember it was a Friday, and I said..just take this pain away. The next day it should have been there. I remember calling my mom and telling her the pain was gone, and I knew it wasn't coming back. It hasn't for over 10 years.

    I get the electrical zaps still, but that burning shi*'s the worst. It just drains a person. Difficult getting your mind off it, it hurts so bad. Yes.. I'm very thankful.

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    Took me years of trial and error to find something that (relatively) works. Combination of effexor, lyrica, adderall, and naproxen have relieved the symptoms of my SCI.

    Best bet (as others have stated) for you is to research this forum regarding neuropathic pain and find a doctor that is willing to aid you in trying different medications.

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