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Thread: L1, L2 injury getting two one hour session wk

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    L1, L2 injury getting two one hour session wk

    There is a young man who is the foreman on the bridge building happening behind my home. On February 20th a section of the culvert fell on him from a crane. He sustained an injury to the L1 and L2. He was in the hospital for a little over a month but is now at home. He asked me if I would be willing to put a thread out there for him. He's about 8 weeks post and is getting just two one hour sessions of physical therapy per week. After learning so much with Dustin this seems pretty meager to me, but what do I know?!?!?! He wants to get as much back as possible and is interested in options. I'll see some of his family tomorrow (at the bridge) and would appreciate any input. THANKS!
    Joanie(Gene's wife)
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    That really doesn't seem like much therapy at all. I know that when Heather came home after 36 days in the hospital, she did outpatient PT and OT every day for almost a year and then 3 days a week, then 2 days a week for the next 6 months. I think I would have him check into finding a good SCI rehab center. I wish we would have pushed more for Heather to get into Shriners upon her release from the hospital so she could have gotten more specialized rehab.
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    is he doing ooutpatient pt? Unfortunately, that's only one hr less than I was getting once I was in outpatient PT. Still, IMHO not enough...I was able to get a little bit more by doing aquatic therapy in addition to my land based therapy which included gait training. I would recommend he push for more therapy and try to get a good aquatic therapist.
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    I think I had 1 hr of PT, 1 hr of OT, 3X a week, but it depends on your doctors, therapists and unfortunately, it depends on what your insurance company is willing to pay.

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    Look around for different places to do the rehab. I found a great place that allowed me to use the equipment as much as I wanted before and after my sessions. I was going five days a week but only scheduled three days a week. Then I went back to work and am now at 2 x 1 hour/week. I don't think this is enough when trying to gain back and build more strength to compensate for the parts that aren't working. It is very helpful to have the PT but he has to figure out things to do on his own. Is he in a body brace/turtleshell? I think many would agree that he will be able to do more for longer time when he gets to take it off.
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    turtle shell

    He does wear something that looks like a turtle shell. It's really amazing how so many things are looping back. This accident happened just about a month before my daughter's boyfriend, Dustin (you can read his threads), broke his neck (C5) in South Padre.
    James was having one of many very hard days when I saw him back by the new bridge. I took down quite a bit of info the next day and he's much more hopeful, now. He's Amish - and I told him I'd get him to a computer so he can search some himself!
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    Spoke with James' brother the next day and gave him some info Gene had gathered while trying to help Dustin. He's wanting to look at more aggressive therapy. His PT is at a place that deals primarily with elderly. This man has 5 kids age 6 and under! He needs to regain as much function as possible (as do ALL SCI patients!)

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    BroknWing, Dan NC - Thanks! I've passed along your info!

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    I assume he has worker's comp and a worker's comp case manager who is determining where he goes for therapy and how much.

    Does this man just have a spinal fracture, or does he also have neurologic (spinal cord or cauda equina) injury? With the first, he may do very well with just 1-2 hours of therapy/exercise daily, and his physician may not even want him doing more than that.

    With an L1-2 fracture, it is most likely that if he does have any spinal cord impairment it would be a the low lumbar or cauda equina level (cauda equina syndrome). He may be walking, but have bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction. You would have to ask to know, as often the person with CES looks "normal". Even with CES, it would be common to have only 1-2 hours of therapy weekly, but the therapists should also be designing a home program that he can do himself at home or at a gym, and this should be at least another 2 days weekly.


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    To SCI-Nurse

    He has SCI. He was told he may or may not walk again. At the beginning he was told he would not walk.
    He does have workman's comp. He is an Amish man that was working on the bridge behind my home. If not for Dustin's injury spring break I probably wouldn't have had any knowledge at all to offer.
    I know that in this community it is assumed that the Amish don't want medical or technological help. This man wants to walk and believes that God sent me down that hill to speak with him - I believe he'll take any measures to walk again.
    He has absolutely no one to research for him his next steps.
    If Dustin's injury helps me to help someone else at least I'm doing something. So many people have helped Dustin!

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