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Thread: Bad Kitty

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    You might try getting some spray that a cat can't stand and spray your bag.

    Cats are night stalkers and they get bored I think also. You might want to put whatever he likes to play with that is HIS to play with in your sleeping area.

    And change it often to stave off the boredom.

    There are some really good animal trainers too. Might search for a professional cat trainer on the net to get some advice.

    I'm pretty good with dog training..but don't really live with cats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs
    He really is a cool cat and I hate to have him declawed, but it is better than gettin rid of him.
    Better for you or better for him?

    I am looking for a new home for one of my beloved cats because I haven't been able to convince him to stop spraying. I think he started when we brought a third cat into the house. He may be happier in a single cat household. We have a few options, but we'll keep looking until we find someplace he is happy.


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    You can try these first...I understand your choice otherwise. The reason you may get grief for declawing, although I think you were just sharing one funny but not funny things your cat does, the few choices you have, is because it will actually involve some breaking of bones in its way.

    I've had some very well behaved cats and then some holy terrors, no amount of time, attention, what have you was going to change them...hmmm, a similarity there with men in my life! LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keps
    I know it's probably not that funny for everyone involved, but this thread makes me laugh.
    Same here . My advice would be to get rid of the cat but that's just me.

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    How old is the cat? Maybe he's bored because he's young? I don't like declawing bc if he ever got out he would be defenseless but I would also understand.
    I don't think you are looking for judgement just advice right?
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    nothing to add, i just enjoy reading kitty anecdotes.
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