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Thread: We need a car W/power wheelchair access

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    Question We need a car W/power wheelchair access

    Does anybody have a car we can use to transport my daughter to a research program in Los Angeles California! She is in a rehab the worst ever! I am a single mom and need help if you can help e-mail me @ twice a week for about 6 hours!!!!!!! thanks Lina

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    You can't transfer her to a car and use a manual wheelchair for these trips?

    The research program will not provide transporation (have you asked?)??

    How does she get transportation otherwise?

    Have you looked into the bus system or paratransit in your area?

    You can private pay, but it will be expensive. Here is a place to start:


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    What rehab is she in?Ive been going to Rancho los amigos and its pretty good so far.I guess casa colima in Pamona would be closer for you?

    I tried acsess paratransit ,but those guys scarded me with there driving.
    Its a real hassle to set them up to pick you up you have to call the dat before and they do charge you 2or 3 dollars a ride hell Id rather just pay the gas money .
    Depending on the rehab it may not be that bad to take a bus?

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