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    SCI Physician...

    SCI Nurse,
    I read where you mentioned in another thread where someone needs an sci physician. Is there a list of such physicians with their location? I just went to the Louisville Spine Institute (first time) for a general check up, they looked at me like I was a nut. And why are you here? I haven't had any real sci check ups since I left Shriners (Chicago) in '91 or '92.


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    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    I would suggest that you use the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitations website to locate an SCI doctor. Go to: and read whjat a physiatrist does. You can use their site locator to find a doctor near you:

    Be sure to check if the doctor has a subspeciality in spinal cord injury. If you have difficulty locating a physician, you can call and they will assist you by getting the correct database. It is important to remember that some PM&R doctors only work through hospitals. I found this in MA. In CA, they were free standing practices.

    Good luck.
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    Most people see a physiatrist who specializes in SCI at least once annually, and I would highly recommend that you do that. There is a board certification for SCI Medicine (the people at the Spine Center should know that this has been available for 6-7 years now, but they are not rehab oriented I suspect). The SCI Medicine board requires that you already be board certified in another specialty (ie, physiatry or PM&R, urology, neurology, etc.) and then have either a SCI Fellowship (post-residency specialty training) or at least 2 years of specialty experience in SCI care. The physician then can sit for the SCI Medicine board exam (written and oral). After next year only the SCI Fellowship will qualify. If you can find a physician who has this second specialty board, that would be best. Otherwise, try to at least find a physiatrist who specializes in SCI or does a lot of SCI work. You should interview prospective candidates. Membership in organizations such as APS or ASIA are also good clues that the physician has a special interest in SCI care.


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    I had a similar experience at JMH in Miami. They seemed ready to address any acute problems (make a referral), but weren't sure what do without specific complaint.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I've located a couple physiatrists/orthpedics that are close by and also in my insurance.


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    I have always had an interest to be checked by a physician familiar with sci. I found one close to Miami with these qualifications:

    American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians (AADEP)
    Board of Directors: 11/1994 - 11/2003
    Core Teaching Faculty
    Ethics and Discipline Committee
    Chairman 1994-1998
    President Elect 1998- 1999
    President 1999 -2000
    American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Florida Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Secretary-Treasurer (1990-1992)
    Dade County Medical Association Florida Medical Association Biofeedback Society of Florida
    Board of Directors 1990-1991
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    Sounds like he/she is very involved in the Academy of PM&R, but I would caution you that this does NOT require any special SCI experience or expertise, and being politically active in a professional organization like this does not necessarily validate any clinical expertise or good fit or good "bedside manner" in a physician. I have met some real jerks who are in powerful positions in professional organizations. Check out his/her clinical credentials as well.


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    I am having a tough time with all doctors because I am a "walking" quad. If I walk into a doctor's office they assume I have overcome my injury. I am still really struggling and trying to find a doctor who will take me seriously.

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    A physiatrist or other SCI Medicine board certified physician will understand if you make an appointment for an incomplete ASIA D tetraplegia diagnosis.


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