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Thread: Ileovesicostomy

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    wondering what the pros and cons are of the ileovesicostomy. my urologist recommends this over my sp. any comments are appreciated.

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    Here is a discussion of what you are asking and some comments:

    Let me knowif you have other questions.


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    I don't know all the words for what they did to me but here gos, they took my bladder completely out, then took a piece of my small bowel and hooked that to the ducts coming from kidneys the other end came out right along side of my belly button. I use a flange and bag over this to collect the urine, The only part that was bad was finding the right flanges to use, after that life was back on track for me.I am a C6/7 quad for 14 years now the last 7 years where really bad i would have UTI all the time always going to my urologist he kept giving me antibiotics.Then i changed urologist and my new Doc said why would you want to life like this told me about the operation on a Monday and buy the next week had everything ready for my operation.It has been 2 years now and not one UTI. Hope this help a little just have a hard time speeling those big words

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