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Thread: Colostomy vs. Percutaneous Endoscopic Colostomy?

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    Question Colostomy vs. Percutaneous Endoscopic Colostomy?

    Colostomy vs. Percutaneous Endoscopic Colostomy (PEC)?

    My colostomy surgery is set for later this month. Tonight I Googled "colostomy alternatives" and got a lot of links. Several were regarding this PEC surgery which seems to have a lot of advantages over a straight colostomy.

    A Percutaneous Endoscopic Colostomy (PEC) is carried out to help relieve severe bowel problems. An incision is made into the colon and a tube is inserted, through which patients can irrigate their colon once or twice a day. It offers an alternative to a colostomy, where faeces are collected in a bag. With a PEC, patients can empty their bowels into the toilet. Then the tube is taped out of the way. It is still a relatively new and innovative procedure.

    Here's another link although there were many others when I did my search.

    Does anyone have any info on this?

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    I have heard of this procedure. To my knowledge, there is no good data looking at this in the SCI population. There is currently a NIH sponsored clinical trial at the Milwaukee VA looking at this issue, expected to finish in 2009.

    There are also some pertinent references given at the end of the text.

    Maybe someone else has more information.

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    We have done one ACE procedure at our center (this is the usual term for this procedure, which is making a stoma through which you give yourself a daily enema and then evacuate through the anus). I have never heard it called a PEC before. They have been done in England primarily, mostly with kids with spina bifida. Sometimes it is called a Malone procedure. You can Google on both. The man who had his done used it for about 9 months, but never did get the control he needed (he did it for uncontrolled accidents, in spite of a good bowel program), so he then elected to have it converted to a regular colostomy.

    I can just add that whenever possible, we do the percutaneous (laproscopic) colostomy vs. the traditional colostomy surgery in people with SCI. Recovery time is significantly shorter. Unfortunately since a lot of people with SCI have had previous abdominal surgeries, this may preclude them from being a candidate, as adhesions from these surgeries can make it impossible to use this technique.


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