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Thread: Dr Martin Schwab - Switzerland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawaid
    Dear Oxygen

    How can i contact Dr. Martin? Any e-mail address and telephone number?

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    Thank you for posting Martin Schwab's response concerning the progress in the phase 1 trial.

    I would like to remind people that this is a phase 1 trial that is sponsored by by Novartis, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Phase 1 trials are usually done in a limited number of institutions, phase 2 in more institutions, and phase 3 are usually multicenter studies involving many institutions.

    The goal of phase 1 is to show safety and feasibility. The goal of phase 2 is to optimize the therapy. The goal of phase 3 is to prove efficacy and this usually requires randomized comparison of treatment with a control group.

    Many of us have been waiting many years for these trials to occur. The anti-Nogo antibody (IN-1) was the first therapy reported to regenerate the spinal cord in 1990. I hope that it works.


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    Leif and rollin rick,

    I get the message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky
    Leif and rollin rick,

    I get the message.
    What message? Starting drinking Louisiana moonshine highballs? Please don’t. You are too valuable to find out SCI cure things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leif
    Do you copy and past this in each post of yours – I believe your message is out there by now. Work for this science or shut up

    haha this is so funny. I actually think that Schmeky raises very valid points. He may be convincing himself to heal better but that's not our business. When I first injured back in Nov. 2005 and I started coming to carecure I remember people like DA and others were like "oh 2006 is gonna be the year" and I thought "wow, I am really lucky to get an injury that's truly on the forefront and I may just be one of the lucky ones that will get healed in the next few years"....well here we are in 2007 and how many trials have now been set back? This apparently has been going on for years. ( and this 5 to 10 thing is starting to get ridiculous) It was even disheartening to see Susanne Poone so upset over the CHINASCINET trial because I am sure she put so much work into that. There's obviously something not quite right with that whole situation especially when the majority of people on this forum believe that Dr. Wise Young is going to come up with the cure first with his trials. hmmm Don't we all think he wants us to be cured immediately and that the sense of urgency is greater than ever? And this is not for sheriffs to come in and tell me I am bashing Young because I AM NOT!! I think the contributions he has made to SCI are insurmountable. I am just trying to put things into perspective. I see these mothers and fathers ( like bigbob, Faye, Susanne Poone ) that get totally discouraged and practically blacklisted because their children are paralyzed and they speak their mind and they hate to see there kids go through this. I know my mom does, on a daily basis. She would want nothing but for me to get better and give anything for me too do so. I have to educate her on what's going on because she would just want me to go get a procedure done overseas and I am not gonna let her throw money in the garbage or hurt my body more than it already is. I have YES- DONE THE MATH. haha. And thank-god for the internet otherwise I might of. Now in her further endeavors and research through her own channel of networking she believes that technology will supercede the now we educate eachother. But I have had this hunch anyway's for quite some time now.

    My point that the second rodents were walking back in the day something should have been done about it!!!!!! Obviously nobody saw anything substantial enough to move anything forward and I think there seeing the same things now. Even that bionic ear guy is making progress with just 1 million in the last 5 years- OMG that's nothing.

    Curt is right, science is very slow and always has been whereas technology skyrockets almost more than any other industry every year. I think my point is again - is that we mustn't be so nieve and I think a majority of the people on this forum are. But, I do think I am going to take a little break and I do believe that it is very unhealthy to come and check for progress on a daily basis. The most recent article that Carbar posted* is exactly the things I like too see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcrabtex
    He does not seem negative to me. I believe he has a realistic appreciation of the difficulty of repairing the spinal cord, the status of the research and the difficulties involved in moving basic science from the lab to the clinic. I hope he is wrong. I hope I am wrong. Time will tell.

    WCR - Nothing is easy here on earth, neither is finding a cure for SCI. Big point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky
    Leif and rollin rick,

    I get the message.

    thanks for all you do for our cure.


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    Thumbs up pathway for chronics

    Quote Originally Posted by spidergirl
    Isn't Dr. Stephen Davies working on breaking down the glial scar? I know that you were very excited when you came back from seeing him. Has something changed?

    I do not believe that there is not anything that exists yet for the glial scar. I really am happy for the acutes in the future but I think we should be supporting and on a team for chronics. I am interested in backing up a scientist with a CHRONIC cure. It makes more sense because after 2 weeks we all become chronics.

    David, you cannot say that this doesn't exist yet. They are working on it. I know the science is a long ways away....I think para's will get up through technology though sooner than getting a regenerative therapy that will let you feel again.

    I don't think that you believe in a cure scientifically speaking at all in your lifetime. I really enjoy your posts but in almost every single one of them you state "long ways away" and "no existence of anything" ....believe me we don't know half the stuff going on, we can all be seriously being BS in many ways and many directions. You cannot believe anything in my opinion. I may see a full cure by the time I am 45-50 but will already be walking through robotic technology probably in the next 5 years. Science is too slow for mankind. If you read between the lines, a lot of theses scientists are always stating their own uncertainty with their research and that alone is a red flag that they are not confident enough in what they are doing. ( some, not all. ) I think technology is going to kill the rodent. After making a rodent walk and here we are 20+ years later. Paaaaaaleaaaaseee RED FLAG.
    Eric Ahlfors & his team, their work is pointed directly at chronic injuries & among the targeted steps into acheiving regeneration, is the clearing of the scar tissue firstly, and building from there. This is really one of the leading teams we should all be backing.... I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormycoon
    Eric Ahlfors & his team
    I had to google because I didn't know of this person ... if I'm not mistaken in what I read, they haven't even started a Phase I trial - perhaps I'm wrong (happens all the time - lol).

    Schmeky is a definate asset to this community, in my opinion.

    After being paralyzed for almost 22yrs, I can say it's difficult for me sometimes - I'm sure it must be for others. The first little while the word cure was not allowed. By the time scientists were actually talking about it (a la Reeve), my body was too far gone (bone density, atrophied muscles, tendons) even though I was still so young. Then I thought if I could just get a little sensation and movement in my lower limbs, enough to stave off pressure sores. I had hoped to feel ocean water between my toes on the beach - I didn't care if I couldn't walk to get there.

    David constantly hears me yelling, "Why can't I stand!?!" when I'm in a hurry for work and trying to pull on my pants. Another huge complaint is the time it takes me to get in/out of the car in getting to work. Two so small things .. that haunt me ... and yet I know there are people, many, on this site that would give anything for those stupid little problems.

    Now it's come down to bowel, bladder use.

    Then it becomes, let me see it on someone anyone before I die.

    Rationalizing, bargaining, betting, hoping ... I see Schmeky as completely accurate.

    ETA: So often we see what we are missing out on and it consumes us. There are at least three that come to mind here .. who should be able to just breathe! My gawd ... perhaps it's time to call the public on that alone!
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    Novartis ATI355 trials

    I think some news of the article which was published in the “Regeneration” brochure (see thread ) should be pointed out. Dr. Schwab said in an interview that they’ll recruit 100 – 200 patients for phase 2 in Europe and in North America (see , search for ATI355 - phase I is still on the list). Phase 2 will be – believe it or not – a double-blind study with placebos. That means that some of the hopeful acute patients will see no effect at all. But I guess those rules are imposed by the health authorities. For all trial centers on the list, the same Swiss Novartis phone number is listed. I’ll call Novartis tomorrow and see if I can get some more information about phase 2.

    Also, I heard some rumors that they’ll have some cure for chronic patients next year. Well, generally after phase 2 is successful, the Novartis antibody ATI355 would be considered safe and could therefore be applied to chronic patients within a clinical trial – if indicated (moderate contusion). On the other hand, they might start a phase 1 combo therapy, such as ATI355 & Chondroitinase, which was obviously tested in animal experiments by Dr. Schwab. I’ll do some homework and find out what’s going on.

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