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Thread: Project Walk on PBS in Los Angeles

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    Glad to see my website came up on google. As you can read, it has nothing to do with Spinal Injury. I'd welcome all comers though, being that we all could benifit from education and wellness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyfconcepts
    I don't want to get into a heated discussion with someone who knows less than I do on many different levels. I have had patients and still have patients that attend your facility, and facilities like yours. I pride myself on not only understanding the neurophysiology of spinal injuries, but also understanding the potential for neural recovery. Everyone is free to spend their money as they please. But, how many hospital based facilities charge cash to attend. And... having only a bachelors degree and CSCS, I'd love to see the research that you put together. I have more experience than your facility has been in operation, and work with some of the best in the business who combine to have nearly 100 years of total experience. Sure exercise models are great, but people have to learn how to transfer too, don't they?
    That's one of the most arrogant posts I've ever read on here, especially for a brand new member. If you're trying to get people to not like you, you're on the right track.

    Show some respect for the people who are/have been members here. Or just go away, no one needs this.
    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery

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    Point taken. Wasn't meant to sound arrogant in the least, but the more I read it the worse it sounds. My apologies to those out there that have to read the responses I submitted. Care cure is a wonderful tool for spinal recovery, and I've had the opportunity to give some helpful advice to people in need. I responded to a topic that I have a passion about and didn't chose my words effectively.

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    "So I have stayed as I am, without regret, seperated from the normal human condition." Guy Sajer

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    I attend 'model' facility rehab that bills according to the therapy involved. Now that I'm up on bars, the bill is over $350/hr(!) For sure, right after injury fresh off the vent, I needed to learn to transfer and all the basics. But honestly, my therapist, with a Doctorate in PT, has about as much SCI know how then the next guy. I am basically treated like someone with a knee replacement. I am a bone scan away from enrolling in the local SCI rehab center. $75/hr, out of pocket mind you, but aid available for intensive exercise. It's not as cut and dried as "you either will walk, or you won't". Being fairly fresh and incomplete, I'd pay for Project Walk or the equivalent before I hopped a plane to China.

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    Did you read my attachment? The PI is Dr. Steven Cramer. Here is his bio:

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyfconcepts
    This is a fascinating topic. Walking is all dependent on the severity of the injury, and minimizing secondary injury through proper positioning. I have a hand full of walking paras and quads at our facility. Despite the promise of the hard work gets you great results, you can either walk or you can't. If you're a complete injury, it just not going to happen. Focus on what you can do. Get into sports. Show people what is possible when you overcome a disability and thrive. I've seen people spend decades on looking for magical cures, only to be left pennyless and depressed. Stay positive and get out there.

    Darren...sounds like your first post hit the nail on the head.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman
    Darren...sounds like your first post hit the nail on the head.
    Yeah, a few key words and they're a giveaway. I think most of have heard this nonsense before.
    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery

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    I've been to Project Walk. I know some of their graduates. I know some of their PTs. I've never spoken to anyone treated at PW who was dissatisfied with their experience there. It's a great place--I'd recommend anyone curious should take a look.

    BTW, I have no affiliation with PW. My comments are solely a reflection of my personal experience with the place as a friend of people who have been there.

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    How much do you charge per hour? Are their different rates for each "path"? Does insurance cover your therapy?
    I have been attending PW for 7mos. now and I love it. I have seen huge gains in my recovery and health. But most importantly I do it for mental health too. Like most, I've done the "traditional" PT rehab and find very little benefit. First of all they treat me like a piece of glass. Secondly, they want to hop me up on so many antispasm/tone drugs that will turn me into a noodle.
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    Injured May 19, 2006, C4 incomplete

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