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Thread: exercises for lower body

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    Cool exercises for lower body

    Does anyone know of some exercises that will work the lower body, especially your thighs and hips?

    I've had a lot of trouble lately with weight gain, even thought my dietician modified my eating plan. Because my legs are really weak, I can't stand up long enough to do most lower body exercises you see on TV or on exercise viedo's. But, my thighs and hips are getting bigger than I want them to. I exercise my upper body everyday.
    I have heard that certain exercise machines like the Power Trainer help with this, but I have yet to find one online. Any suggestions?


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    1. Cut out 500 calories daily from your diet. This should result in a 2 lb. per week weight loss.

    2. Exercise may put on muscle weight to replace fat, so may not actually cause you too loose weight, although of course your fitness will improve.

    3. Try one of these cycles. Your insurance may help to pay for it if it is prescribed by your doctor:


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    The MOTOmed viva2 is great to. about the size of a chair

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    I purchased a recomband bike from KMART a little over hundred dollars. Its a bike that has a seat just like if you were to sit in a chair, has back support and a place to hold on. It works great to keep your legs fit

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