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Thread: Please pray for Zillazangel's Son

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    Yippeee!!! So happy!

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    Worried when I began reading this thread, and very relieved and happy for all of you that your baby is better.

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    Ami I'm so happy that your son is better!

    Kendell, I miss you very much.

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    Good stuff!
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    Sorry Small Boy was so sick, but glad he is better. **Hugs** to Ami, Chad and Small Boy.

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    I thank god for antibiotics.


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    Glad to hear. Go and buy a lottery ticket. You're due some luck
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    I am glad you are home and small boy is doing better!!!!
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    prayers from this end.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    I thank god for antibiotics.

    I thank the CDC, NIH, FDA and the Big Pharma R&D people for antibiotics (I never met an antibiotic that I didn't like) but perhaps they're guided in part by some inspired being. What does an atheist know?

    I'm curious as to how a young healthy boy acquired such an antibiotic resistant bacteria in his kidneys. Any word from the doctors on this Ami?

    I remember back when I was 18 or so and my best friend (same age) got a bladder infection. I had never heard of such a thing at the time. Strange things happen. I think I knew that females got them at times but my best friend was a male. Hmmm....

    Anyway, I'm glad the "small boy" is better and that Chad and you are doing well.

    Have a good day and take your well needed rest.

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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