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Thread: Wound Drainage

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    Wound Drainage

    What causes some pressure sores to drain more than others? They seem to drain worse during the summer months. I've had shallow wounds drain more than deep ones.
    Anybody have any reasons for drainage? I understand infection but curious about clear drainage.

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    Clear (serous) drainage is part of the body's natural way to try to promote healing. Wounds that are moist heal faster because the increased moisture helps fibroblasts and other healing cells migrate across the wound surface. Deeper wounds also tend to drain more. I have not noted a seasonal trend in our patients, although a wound would drain more in hot weather as this causes your body to shunt more blood flow to the skin to help with internal cooling.


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    Thanks KLD,never knew about the clear drainage. I never had a problem until weight loss after surgery 10 yrs ago. this is my third time down with wound in same spot. Rehab dr said due to pelvic tilt,rt ischima had become my pressure point. She had the sweetest ways of telling me I wasn't what I used to be.
    I used to be out in the heat and whenever I had a breakdown it drained more in the summer. Thanks for your explaination.

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