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Thread: question for nurse, dr, or anyone ...

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    question for nurse, dr, or anyone ...

    On January 3, I had surgery on my hip. I had my HO taken out. While I was in the hospital they put in a foley catheter...Now I been home for a while and my bladder seems like it never readjusted, do you think it's because of the foley? The trauma from the surgery? Is there any nerves or something attached to the bladder on or around the left hip? Before surgery I could hold 600..700 with no problem, now I can barely hold 300..400, anyone know? Thanks...

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    Well, first of all it is not healthy for you to hold 600-700 cc. in your bladder. About 450 cc. is the recommended maximum amount. Do you take anticholenergic meds for your bladder (Ditropan, Detrol, etc.)?

    Having a foley in cannot damage your bladder nerves. Where was your HO surgery (more specific other than just "hip")? Have your bowels or erections changed? If not, it is unlikely to be nerve damage. Having an indwelling catheter in for as little as 2 weeks can allow your bladder to start to shrink if you have a neurogenic bladder. You also could have a low grade UTI from the catheter being in place. If you have other symptoms, get a culture and sensitivity, and follow your physician's recommendation as far as treatment or not.


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    My HO surgery was in my left somewhat inside of the hip. I am on ditropan and I know that it is unhealthy to hold 600 to 700..I was just sayin that I could hold that much without going on myself. I had the foley in 3 and a half days. I already went to my urologist twice after my surgery..both times culture was negative. I just don;t know whats going on..I wanted to go back tp pre-surgery...o yea I am a c7 quad if that helps..
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    Call your urologist. Your meds may need to be adjusted, and they may want to see you and get a culture.


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