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Thread: Blood Clots In Lower legs

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    Blood Clots In Lower legs

    My son had these several years ago, maybe 3, he was on coumadin and I forgot what else for a short time, his doc thought it odd that he had clots in both legs, he had alot of them as I seen the ultra sound, at that time severe swelling of feet and claves and warm to the touch, they had me take him in stat to emergancy, he is 5 1/2 years post now and 19 yrs old, he has been going out alot with friends and spending the night so Im not able to always see him, especially this last week, he came home today and feet and calves are swollen, but not heat or warmth and both legs again, I have him in bed with feet and calves raised and also gave him some Aleve, its only been an hour but I am looking to see if swelling goes dow, he does not seem to have afever, but I dont know if we should go to emergancy, please advise, thank you

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    My feet are usually swollen due to me always sitting down. Calves are sometimes swolen. I too had blood clots in both legs a year ago when in the hospital and was on Coumadin. Don't know about his legs now but SCI-Nurse will.

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    Edema at the end of the day is pretty normal for anyone with a SCI, esp. if they do not wear compression hose. We only get concerned about a DVT if the edema is still there in the morning after the legs have been elevated in bed at night. If that is the case, then he needs to see a doctor and be evaluated for a new DVT.

    Was he newly injured when he had his bilateral DVT? If so, that is not at all unusual, although with good preventive care and medication, much less common now days than it was 20 years ago.


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    his last dvt was a few years after his injury, and what i find wierd is that most doctors and even his Pain doc says its unusual for both legs, so I will wait til morning and if swelling has not gone down will go get ultra sound, another question is how will or will they be able to tell new clots from last ones, last time he had them all up and down both legs, doc said he will make new vains for blood to travel, so I was wondering if easy to tell new from old, just dont want him on coumadin for the rest of his life unless neccasary, thank you vary much.

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    It sounds like you have good advice from KLD, just wanted to tell you that I also had bilateral blood clots (both legs). As far as new from old, as I understand it, the coumadin treatment got rid of the old clots. They are no longer there.
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    His doc had said they dont go away just body makes new vains, but we will see, if swelling dont go down by morn I will take him in, thanks all.

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    Previous blood clots always leave a scar (so to speak) residual matter from the clot. So those areas are always more susceptible to more clots forming because the passage way is smaller. They can tell the difference between these areas and new clots on a dopler scan. This is the way I understand it, anyway. I am sure the nurse can explain it better. Coumadin does not dissolve a clot, it just thins the blood making it easier for the blood to get past the clot and the blood flowing by these areas eventually wears away at the clot, sort of like water erosion, I think.

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