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Thread: SCI's that live alone?

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    SCI's that live alone?


    My bro (C6/7 complete) went home after an afternoon with us at mom's on Sunday to see his back door opened and realized his condo had been robbed. He called me not long after - he told me he thought the person/s who robbed him must have been watching his movements. I felt awful listening to him - he sounded so vulnerable and a little scared. Nothing stopping them from coming back once he replaces all they took. We both think that getting an alarm system would help him feel safer.

    Is there anything else he can do to protect himself. What do you guys that live alone do?



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    I'm sorry Dee. I'm blessed that I live in an apartment complex with 16 accessible units in a very....well Dee, I don't want to sound like a pompus ass but the houses around me start at about $400,000 and goto well, a helluva lot higher so there are tons more worth breaking into than my apartment!

    An alarm by a professional is a must. Also depending on the quality of the door and the deadbolt, you may want to look into replacing them also. Make sure bushes and such are ripped out around the property and make sure as many sides are as well lit as possible. You may need to install more and brighter lighting. Last, make sure the police and neighbors know the situation, the more pairs of eyes the better.

    Good luck!

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    My first thought was two words "Smith & Wesson " but then I seen you were in Canada so that rules out my idea sorry

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    We have an alarm system...and that does help us with feeling safe. With both my roommate and me in chairs...we are worried about our vulnerabilities. We also have a dog...who would not hurt a flea...but can sound very fierce when she does not recognize a sound!
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    Odd timing you should post this Dee...A friend/neighbor of mine came home from being out of town all weekend on Monday night to their home being broken into and in progress of being robbed...I don't know for sure what all was actually taken b/c as of when I talked to them the cops were still there investigating/taking fingerprints(there were LOTS of them)/etc and the house was completely ransacked...The guys ran off on foot when my friends came home. We've had prowlers around our property a couple times in the past few weeks, I've got 2 dogs that can be intimidating, yet it hasn't kept these prowlers away 100%...We're looking into alarm systems now, my family has 2 houses on this block...We've got a lot of stuff that needs securing BEFORE it disappears...stuff that we thought was safe just sitting in the breezeway...afterall, we're in a small town...The thing is that my house is very open and disconnected from itself, an alarm system will only be as effective as it is audible...I'm also looking into replacing my old glass doors with newer doors with tempered glass so that it's harder to break into...

    I've been wanting to get a concealed weapons permit and get a small handgun to carry on me when I'm out traveling in the big cities...But now I'm thinking more about getting it done sooner...I sure haven't been sleeping well this week...
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    Motion sensors! Sorry, I forgot them. This way your electric bill isn't $$$$.

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    I agree with most of the other posts about an alarm.
    1) A good loud alarm system put in by a professional with a monitoring service (some use radio waves so that a cut phone line won't stop the call to the service).
    2) In my opinion, most burglaries occur when you're not home and a legal gun will only get you in trouble if you're not willing to use it and don't practice frequently.
    3) Get a decent insurance policy so that "things" can be replaced (people can't).

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    I keep my gun, make it avilable. SCI = Target
    Best regards,

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    what about video camera's?

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    my bldg has 24 hour security guards. i feel safe. my bldg is in a nice area though.
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