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Thread: ChinaSCINET, On Schedule?

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    Oprah will read this and it will make it even more apparent that we need her help as i can attach your views about her causes to my letter, thanks. Also, what in the world are you talking about? Of course i am on a mission to find a cure, have been since becoming injured this is why i took drastic measures in Portugal through the use of Dr. Lima, it was my best and only option at that time. One more thing, you are *clueless* if you think for one second that "a cure has nothing to do with me" it is everything that i believe and fight for and think about every moment of the day. What i can do, how it could be done, who is closest in this world.. This is my life Shemcky. Set the crack pipe down buddy!

    Btw- Joy and I had the same opportunity to go onto the Oprah show and also did "Miracle Cell" together. It has already been stated in CC that she also underwent the same exact procedure as myself and i saved her lots of cash, (long story) yet she will always be a great friend and we have shared many things due to the fact that we lived within an hour of one another. I applaud her strength and determination, if the cure does come it will effect her life and everyone elses too!!!!!!!!! So, lets get busy and I will not let words of negativity slow me down, rather use them as a challenge. I can only hope Oprah will feel the same in our quest to find funding for a cure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky

    You had Lima's unproven, ineffective procedure done. Despiration is a poor decision making model.

    You state Oprah has invited you to be on her TV program. She has already had a few SCI's on her show, including Joy Veron. She is not interested in our/your plight, just ratings.

    You give the impression you are on a cure finding mission, when in fact, the cure has nothing to do with you.

    You're not going to *find* a cure, when it happens, it will find you. There is no way you can encircle the globe keeping your finger on the pulse of research.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky

    You state Oprah has invited you to be on her TV program. She has already had a few SCI's on her show, including Joy Veron. She is not interested in our/your plight, just ratings.

    You'd have to agree that it wouldn't hurt our cause to have a very attractive girl in her twenties go on Oprah and tell her story and how their might be a way out. This is the type of coverage we need.
    No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out

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    Dear all,

    I am same as disappointed as all of you are with the delay of the clinical trials in China. From my point of view, there were basically two reasons attributed to this outcome. First, it was an ambitious goal set by the ChinaSCINet. Second, it is evident to everyone that Dr. Young could only contribute a proportion of his time to the Network because of all of his commitments and tasks in the US (it is painful to see that in the last 7 months of Dr. Young’s sabbatical in HK he flew back to the US almost every month). Take my involvement with CareCure as an example, since the establishment of the Network in late 2004, I am spending less and less time on internet/on carecure whereas Dr. Young is committed to spend inevitably more or less the same amount of time on Carecure as he did before. Originated from a plain housewife, I can easily devote 100% of my available time to the Network, whereas Dr. Young couldn’t, with writing email, organizing and attending meetings, fundraising, telephone communications, attending related lunch and dinner appointments.

    After all, I am very excited to see that the Phase I Lithium Trial has just commenced within the HKU. I am also contended to say that I had helped to organize the meetings with SFDA and MOH last week and attended both. It will not be surprising to see that Phase II Lithium Trial will be approved around August and Phase III Lithium + UCBMC Trial early next year if we are able to submit the applications soon enough.

    I wish I could be of more help to the Network!!! All I can say is that I will continue to work hard for the Network as I have great faith in it that it will change the face of SCI in the future.

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    Thank you very much Suzanne.

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    Thank you Suzanne. Good to see you post again.

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