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Thread: TM and MS

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    Standing up for the medicos

    Y'know, I think we are asking a lot for the ordinary General Practitioner to be able to keep up with all the medical knowledge that is available these days. The National Organisation of Rare Diseases website lists 600 complaints and my injury from Spinal Dural Arteriovenous fistula is not even listed, so obviously there are a lot more that you could classify as rarer than rare diseases.
    Then the GP, having gained the knowledge of the common, rare and rarer complaints, including symptoms, treatment and suitable drugs must be able to keep up to date with continuing progress.
    Here in Oz, many doctors use a database where they enter the patients symptoms, so in my case - sore feet and saddle area, difficulty in weeing, ascending sensory loss, developing limp on left side. The database says possible MS, diabetes, circulation problems in legs, spinal stenosis, possible Cauda Equina. All came back negative. The doctor said 'I don't know what's wrong with you'.
    So that the patient (me) has to inform himself by trawling the web, including this site and request a MRI for detection of a possible AVM. I agree that GPs should provide an expert service but I am in touch with some SDAVF sufferers who put themselves on the medical assembly line and followed the prompts who are now in wheelchairs due to long delays in detection of the fistula.

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    MS Forum

    Here is a great forum to join. Handles Q & A's on MS treatments from actual patients. Covers those treatmenets that do work and those that do not. I belong and have found great info on Calcium EAP, Candida cleanse, HBOT, and my all time favorite... LDN.

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