I know I am uninformed but I need to know. Can TM be caused by the start of MS? My Dr. is doing more test for MS because the TM (numbness) is not getting better and I am now having a jerking in my leg when I lie down at night. Also having headaches more often . They are testing me this coming week doing a VER test, as well is another MRI with contrast. My last MRI was in Oct. when this started. I am tired after doing very little and they have put me back on steroids as well as the provigil that I am already taking. The Dr. keeps bringing up MS and it really has me worried. The only thing I really know about my TM is that they told me I had an impressive legion near my cercival column. (whatever impressive legion means). At the onset I was numb on both sides and could hardly walk. After being in the hospital for 4 days and given steriods through my IV I was able to walk again but the numbness remained on the right side. Thanks for any information I can get. Drs. really don't explane a lot.