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I posted an episode of a good friend on another post. I have a question.

Has anyone badly hurt a toe or something else below the level of injury and not gotten AD, but got an AD episode days later while the injury is still in the healing process?? Perhaps from banging it or a popped blister or some other cause??

Is it possible to get AD days after having very strong stimuli below the level of injury without getting it at first??
I've had big toe nails ripped off twice, before - once while transferring, another time dropping something on foot. No real AD, except possibly a slight initial flushing and jolt to foot causing slight spasm and twitching of toe after dropping thing on it (second time).

Had 2nd/3rd degree burns, with no continuous AD - e.g. spilling hot pot liquid from stove to lap, only caused initial body tensing and flush up through body, then nothing. I can explain more, if you need, but basically, although I'm very prone to AD (have some daily in varying degrees), major shock and trauma to body with various injuries, haven't caused continuous AD symptoms.