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Thread: urinary supplies

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    urinary supplies

    Sorry, I can't seem to find a list of urinary supply places on the googler. Having many problems with Uromed and would like to seek out other options. Workman's Comp says They okay'd all requests I had for supplies but Uromed won't send what was ordered, just what they think I need. Now jim has a UTI, we are having multiple medical problems and I am looking for other options. Thank you, I am very frazzled and sinking in laundry, drug reactions, diabetic reactions and doctor offices that won't call back. Sorry, I'm pissed off, hahaha.

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    what supplies does he need? catheters? what size?

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    So sorry to hear about your and bro's problems. Here's a (((HUG))))))) for you both!

    We just started using MedshipDirect - and like them so far. You have to be specific if you want certain items - I even give them brand names and #s to order.

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    you can try byram heath care. i just started with them and already their saying no frabric legbag straps or straight thru adapter with thumb clamp. what cracks me up is without the adapter you have to unscrew the bottom fixing and take the chance of pee going everywhere. anyhow i'm in the process actually hours ago of ordering them from my local moron.i currently ordering from 3 different suppliers, each of them have their own lies like no more skin bond after ordering over 20 years,but they say i have to get 30 catheters (only need 16) a month since i get 2 night bags per month. the bullshit never ends.

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    I use MOM's for some and order others straight through my locl pharmacist. It's no biggie as long as you know what you want. Most pharmacies (the smaller ones) will ask your doc for a standing order for non-pharmaceuticals. Things like the NF catheters will require a script.

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    I order all of my unrinary supplies from Sportaid online... I have used them for over 4 years, they have excellent turn around time when you place an order. The owner of the company is also in a wheelchair.

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    Thank'all for the replies and advise. Uromed is also a company that was started by and employs disabled, which was a big reason I went with them. They only work with insurance or Medicare however and if you want to buy extras (from your own pocket)they aren't able to help you. Also they will only send out at specific time of the month, due to Medicare. The selection of supplies is dictated by what Medicare will pay, not necessarily by what is desired by customer. Now that my brother finally won his Work Comp case we won't have selection dictated to us. Yeah! If the set up needs to be changed due to UTI or malfunction, I won't have to spend hours on the phone to physician office/Medicare/supply company. Jim did get a UTI, he is a brittle diabetic and has an S/P tube so arrangements are different now. He had urine coming out S/P tube, penis and around the S/P-it was a mess. The bladder having spasms from the infection caused the leakage. Now that things are better, I got an extra script from Urologist for antibiotic and Usept (anti-spasmotic), so that we won't have to risk damage if it should happen again. Last time he got antibiotics was 3 years ago, we are cognizant of effects of overusage. At Sheppard Center it was stressed not to treat for UTI unless temp was over 101, blood in the urine or no output, but I won't let things out of hand again, discussed it with the Urologist here and we defined new parameters for our specific needs. I learn everyday.

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    iv'e had good luck with

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