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Thread: SaeboFlex hand orthotic

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    Hey Glyn,

    What has been your experience with SCI patients with active (almost normal) extension, but a weak grip? Perhaps the Saebo is not really effective for this group of patients?
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    SaeboFlex and spasticity

    Thanks Glyn. Success or lack thereof might also depend upon the degree of spasticity. I wish you continued success.

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    The Saebo saved my husbands independance. With a stroke seven months ago he has been using his Saebo every day without fail. Today he is able to shower, dress himself and even put is own belt on through the loops without help. The glove has took him from dependant on others to being able to do things for himself.

    Ginger K

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    wrist extension

    Dear Community,

    I had a R side CVA Oct 30, 2006. I have been in rehab 17 months now, and have purchased some stroke recovery equipment e.g. biomove, neuro move. I am having no success with getting any wrist/finger extension despite all the biomove treatments. at one point with no bio feedback a year ago I had 35-degree extension, and then it just stopped! I understand in order to try Saeboflex , I must have some extension, can any one shed some light on my dilemna?? Please.

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    Dear Glyn,

    Can a person (stroke survivor) that has no extension use the Saeboflex? Once I had extension, now I dob't. I/we can't fugure it out.thank you in advance


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    yes, you can use the saebo without active extension, you do need wrist flexion all of the requirements are described on their website and by your saebo specialist
    i think i have 12 degrees of wrist extension; i've been using saebo for almost 2 months with no active extension yet
    i'd be glad to discuss more if anyone would like to message a newbie

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    I had a stroke in 2010 and started using the SaeboFlex in 2011.
    I currently lead a Capstone Research class at Highland High School in Gilbert, AZ. A group in my class developed a supplement to the SaeboFlex which adds a quantitative component to it. With this component, we can measure the extent of spasticity in the hand and watch it as the reflex fatigues. We received funding through ASU (Arizona State U) to build several prototypes and we are looking for clinicians to test it. The system is wireless (runs on 6 AA batteries currently) and all the data is store on the web (IoT). Private message me if you are interested and i can send you some preliminary data as well as see if it would be a good fit for one of our prototypes.

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