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Thread: AFO's and the lite gait.

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    AFO's and the lite gait.

    Need some advice about wearing AFO's in the lite gait. My son was put up in a lite gait and the PT says he needs some AFO's. He isn't able to take a step independently. Would like to hear from others please.


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    Hmmm, it sounds more like either the PT doesn't know what he/she is doing, or is to understaffed/lazy/whatever to do it right. The usual practice is to have trainers on each leg to move them with the proper mechanics, like making sure the toe clears on the swing through and ensuring a good heel strike. It also is common to have a third trainer on the hips. The obvious drawback to this is that it is labor intensive. It's also often more tiring for the trainers than the walker.

    The goal is to simulate, as close as possible, a "normal" walking environment. Using bracing can compensate in ways that are detrimental to that aim. If he is having toe clearance problems, LiteGait sells a strap system that will hold the toes up and is far less intrusive than an AFO. And I wonder, if he cannot take a step independently, how are AFOs going to help?

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    Thanks for the help! I will pass on this information to his therapist. It is so helpful to hear from the one's that have actually been through the process.

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