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Thread: Cold Feet and TM

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    Cold Feet and TM

    My son is a T-10 complete from transverse myelitis. Yesterday, his right foot and calf were extremely cold. His left leg and foot was fine. This morning it was warm again, but all day yesterday it was cold. Should we be concerned? Will electrical stim to the calf help? Will the stander help? This is new for us. The difference between his left and right foot were like hot and cold water.

    Thank you for your advice.


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    Hi I have TM for 5 yrs now c5-c6 incomplete. My left side is weaker and always colder. Now thats is so cold out it is really bad. I try to keep warmer socks or slippers but it only helps a little. Any other questions just ask anty
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    Does he have a good pulse in both feet? It is common for people with SCI to have variations in temperature of their extremities as the cord damage also effects the autonomic nervous system which controls vasoconstriction and vasodilation. If he has a good pulse, and the coldness comes and goes during the day or with different postions, I would not be concerned, although you can certainly mention it to his physician when you see him/her next.


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    My injury is from a spinal stroke but I'm like Anty. Only it's my stronger left leg at the knee and below that gets icey. Standing does help as does using a microwavable heat pack and wrapping it around his ankle an hour or so before bed helps. I put it over my jeans while watching TV. Makes sleping a lot easier later. And yes, do mention it to his doc too.
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