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Thread: please stand

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    please stand

    My small town always amazes me. I went to court on Monday trying to get some support from my husband. We are the last case so the court is clear. I push up to the front when they call us and get beside my lawyer. My almost exhusband and his lawyer on their side. Baliff says could you please stand... Of course I remain in my wheelchair. He looks me right in the eye and says Maam Would you please stand? I was dumbfounded.
    He just saw us struggling becasue my chair couldn't fit behind the table well. I couldn't speak for a moment and finally said "I wish" My lawyer then says Sir she's in a wheelchair, she's paralyzed. He says I'm sorry then could you raise your right hand. Never even skipped a beat.
    Then I couldn't get on the stand to the mic because there was a step to get up there. The judge was very apologetic about this but I am wondering what the heck?
    Just my vent of the week.
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    That is utterly disgusting. That lawyer of yours better make that whole episode an issue!
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    OH, you just came in the chair because you don't feel like walking, was that it. Damn, I would have been pissed and have a very hard time containing myself
    You though, the baliff probably was not opening his eye balls, if he had any so, he may not have realized you where paralyzed but sheesh, talk about common knowledge and being aware of others, oh no there not, duh.
    I had to go to court recently, over my tag or a credit card I never had and knew nothing about, they coudl not even show it was me. Anyway, this gurl came in very early 20's I guess using crutches. Wait a minute, all she did was carried them in her arms like a stick. It was so hard to not bust out laughing, she did not go out with them either. I get up there hobbling, of course, mine is real.
    Some people just do not have any common sense or sense at all. I am sorry this jerk was like that to you. Pisses me off how uncurtious everyday people can be to those with "disablilities".

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    airport security always assumes i can get up out of my chair. do i look 90?

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    I feel uncomfortable sitting in my chair during the singing of our national anthem.
    God grant me the serenity
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    courage to change the things I can;
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    You'd think that a courtroom would be ADA wheelchair accessible. As an afterthought, maybe your lawyer should have cased out the courtroom in advance or talked to the bailiff, clerk of the court or judge beforehand.

    I've been paralyzed 27 years and whenever my brother comes over he still always putting stuff in my way or things up high on shelves etc. People are slow to change or just don't think. I don't know.
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    I don't know, the baliff maybe has never been around or has no understanding of sci so assumed you could just stand. Then he was probably embarrassed or truly didn't know what else to say so said I'm sorry and quickly moved on. I know I slip up and say stuff a lot and later wish I handled it differently. Not saying he was in the right, but I tend to cut AB's some slack.

    Sorry that it was so inaccessible though, that's a small town for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer
    That is utterly disgusting. That lawyer of yours better make that whole episode an issue!
    An issue with who? Over what? The bailiff made a mistake. It's not like it's unheard of for someone that can walk to use a wheelchair to get around. You see loaner wheelchairs at malls and grocery stores all the time now. Whenever I fly, the airline asks me if I can stand or walk at all or if I need an aisle chair to get on the plane.

    The judge apologized for the court. What else do you think should have been done here?


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    I definitely understand how you feel addiesue. When I was in a hospital sitting in the ER waiting for a friend someone came out to me and told me that wheelchairs were reserved for patients. Well I explained to them that it was mine and yes I accepted their apology but It bothered me as well.

    When I'm in a parking lot I try not to assume that the person who pops out of there car who hangs a disabled sticker is not disabled. Who am I to judge someone with a hidden disability, althoug I do have to fight that urge by the look of some of them. I expect the same from others who think I don't need my chair. There are ways to find things out without risking offending someone. I'm guessing considering the circumstances you were in maybe they thought you were just looking for the sympathy to help your case along. AND I guess that is my assumption for the day.

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    I personally enjoy stuff like that, it's very funny.
    I was at a corperate meeting for PCNA (PepsiCo North Am)when the CEO says she wants everyone to stand. I spoke aloud "Everyone"?
    She smiled and just gave me a grin.
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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