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Thread: Getting my first powerchair

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    I don't think Rich meant that his HMO is going to pay for it. I think he just meant that he told his rep to go ahead and find out if they will pay for it.

    As far as I know, the only people who are not having to pay for them themselves are VAs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pararich
    But, it seems silly to think that my HMO is going to foot the bill.
    I am fine with a manual chair.
    Yes, rereading this line I see that is what he meant. That it is doubtful to expect it. I had read that it is great that they will even tho he doesn't need that level of chair.
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    Voc Rehab paid for an iBOT for someone in NY and I think someone in NJ according to the rep. He suggested that I could be the first one in PA.
    If I went to work for my old company (construction) and needed to get onto job sites, they might cover it.

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