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Thread: Getting my first powerchair

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    Getting my first powerchair

    I've had a manual for 28 years. In about a month, I'll be getting my first powerchair.

    What do you do when you get a flat tire? I guess you just have to roll on it until you get to a place that can fix it for you??? Does that damage the wheel? Do you take it to a bike shop, or a wheelchair place?

    How long do powerchairs normally last? 5 years? 10 years?

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    I fix flats myself, not that hard if you have use of your hands. Depending on the drivewheel setup, you can't go, as some 'high-center' and won't touch the ground.
    It is only a tire, so anyone can fix the flat in a matter of minutes. Get a kid who fixes his own flats to, if nothing else. Make friends with a bicycle rider
    I sure would not wait for a dealer and be charged a fortune.
    Having said that, I have found that flats are only a problem with the gray indoor tires that are only used on wheelchairs.I use standard black tires. You will hear arguments both ways, but I have NEVER had tire marks on any floor I've been on. The black comes from DIRT.
    As far as durability, THAT is a big variable.

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    Thanks Cap.

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    I used a manual chair for 20 years before going to power. I got the foam inserts in all four tires. Probably a little firmer ride, but no regular pressure checks/adjustments and NO flats. A couple more irritations removed from my life.

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    Okay, thanks RoJo. I'll look into that.

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    Jim also has the solid tires, they have lasted 7 years, no problems. What kind of chair are you getting?

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    Shannon, when I went through the ordering processes for my power chair, I went for the foam inserts in the tires. I think 28 years is long enough to be pushing a manual chair.

    As far as the longevity, I have only had mine for about three years now and I haven't had a single problem. But I haven't used it over rough ground very much. People that have used them longer will have to answer that one.
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    Hi Shannon,

    Give the tilt in space option a look......i just got it and love it......also i'd say don't go any hiring on the backrest than u have to.

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    demo, demo, demo

    The power chair is higher off the ground than your manual so look at the varied options otherwise you'll be cursing youcan't fit under your sink anymore
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    Thank you all. I'm getting an iBOT (the chair that balances on two wheels). I've been through 2 test drives and an evalution. I should be getting it in 4 to 6 weeks from now.

    Obviously there are differences from the traditional powerchair, but I just wanted to get some ideas.

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