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Thread: Can constipation make you lethargic?

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    Can constipation make you lethargic?

    I hadn't been for 4 days. Felt increasingly slow, weak, fuddled head. Had massive BM this morning and instantly feel alive again.

    If so, why is this?
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    Other than some layman pseudo scientific mumble about ridding the body of toxins, I got no why. But I have made the same observation with my body. Several years ago, I was warned about this from another SCI. I remember being very skeptical. Constipation also seems to weaken the strength of my legs.

    I am also interested in seeing the scientific explanation.

    Rhino, glad you're no longer full of poop!

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    When I'm just full of it my body slows to a crawl. I think it places a strain on an already strained body.

    The crappola is a waste product, in more ways than one.

    Glad you're feeling all light and lively today.

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    Foolish, I legs seem to ache more and are weaker when I'm due for a bm/constipated.

    I've also felt better the day after. Altho, I've been up for the last 2 hrs making trips to the potty, so I don't know how light and lively I am going to be for work in less than 4 hrs.

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    I notice the same thing. I think it's partly psychosomatic. Knowing that I haven't had a proper BM starts eating away at me. Not to mention I feel bloated and generally 'yucky'. On the worst days I think I've even noticed a hint of AD.

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    I get dizzy and weak when I need to drop...
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    This is a common issue when people are constipated. Ironically, it tends to make people want to rest, when exercise is what their body needs to increase peristalsis and get rid of the stool. It may be that constipation pulls blood to the colon to try to get it to work better, which may make more fatigue. Absorption of toxins from stool is indeed an "old wive's tale".


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    Thanks everyone. It's amazing how many SCI strange experiences are commonly shared even when our injuries are so different.

    It was definitely affecting me. My strength, wellbeing, clear headedness noticeably returned within minutes.

    I was far more coherent and focused at work. My (soon to be ex) wife always used to say I talked shit for a living for $200 an hour. Good shit though
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    On narcotics after surgery I was constipated for days and it really did make me feel sick, like poisoned by toxins; sick feeling cleared immediately after an enema. I am small and have wondered also if a packed bowel might put pressure on nerves.

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    Can constipation make you lethargic? Shit, yes!

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