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    Has anyone here used to purchase equipement? Have you had problems or been dissatisfied. Please post both the good and the bad. I am currently dealing with some "issues" with them and need info on how to best deal with them.
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    Glad to see this as I was there online early this a.m. shopping my next chair. Doc's writing the script for a new one the first week of February.

    If there are "issues," I definitely want to know before doing biz with them.

    Current chair is on its last wheel, so getting wrong one could definitely complicate my life.

    Thanks for the heads up, Cheesecake.

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    I bought one of my wheelchairs from them. I had a trip coming and needed the quickie revolution by the time they promised it. It was around 10 days late and they gave me a 200 dollar refund since I could not take it on the trip. When it came, the sling depth was 20 inches instead of 18. I got no response from them and had to cut the sling depth to avoid it from rubbing against the back of my legs. The chair feels a little long (I believe it is 75 degrees, but if feels longer), but cannot tell if it is due to the sling or just the 75 degrees.
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    Please Note, any thing that is customized can not be returned. Once it is shipped, you are stuck.

    Be sure they cover the cancellation policy with you. We were never told the policy.

    Their staisfaction survey for the last month by BizMart was 79% happy, 21% dissatisfied.
    Follow up has been poor with the exception of Jeff.

    Paramoto, your chair could have been returned since it was not what you ordered.
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    Cheesecake, I live outside the US and had to pay shipping, etc., it was too much trouble to return it. Living outside the US is very difficult in terms of buying equipment, hardest is to buy unseen and untested since there are no dealers where I live, and they did give me the 200 dollar rebate. I would say that in conclusion I was moderately satisfied. Like I said, usually everything SCI is very complicated outside the US (SCI is complicated EVERYWHERE, but you know what I mean).

    Does anyone know, If I go say to Miami, can I get stuff tested without having to buy it from the local dealer (which is generally a lot more expensive than the internet and my insurance doesn´t cover equipment)?. How would I go about it?
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    SEnd me a PM and I can see what I can search for you. If you go to a seating clinic or something in Miami they should be able to make recommendations, etc. Let me know exactly what you are looking for and I can see what I can find out.

    Where is home?
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    I bought my current chair a TiLite ZRA through them. I let insurance buy an electric and I bought the manual out of pocket. I used the perscription for the chair that my PT at Craig gave me so no issues with size etc. It was about 30% cheaper than what the DME wanted at rehab and came with Spinergy wheels. Since then, i have been able to work waranty issues through them and when ordering parts, they can actually check and see that it will fit my chair. So as long as you get evedrything square on the sizing before you order you should be fine. As with every other situation, do your work on the front end and it won't allow for any mistakes on the backend.
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    Nothing but good experiences here.

    I bought my first ZRA from them a year ago. I accidentally ordered the wrong wheel locks, and Greg was fantastic at getting me a deal for the right ones from TiLite.

    From the web and to my door in 3 weeks flat. Best $2100 I've ever spent, and the easiest.
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